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i am antoine hubert, i have a formation of cellular and Molecular Biologist, associated with Proteomics and lipidomics expertise.


Current Experience

  • Benevolat

    Leuven, Belgium
    Since December 2014

    articles last issues to fix

    Articles last issues to fix

Past Experience

  • Academic staff Leuven, Belgium

    December 2011 --- December 2014

    post-doc in Proteomics and lipidomics to determine the existence of subpopulations of exosomes in lim1215 colon Cancer cells.

    other projects handeled:

    - Discovery of new Biomarkers in endometriosis.

    - proteomic Characterization of the baboon model for endometriosis.

    - Research of "missing genes" in pseudopodoces humilis.

    - studies of new interacting partners of cip2.

    - Discovery of new molecules of interest in brasil's originating spider venom.

  • Academic staff Leuven, Belgium

    December 2007 --- December 2011

    phd in Cancer fundamental Research (Biomedical Sciences), with establishment of stable inducible Cell lines (tet-on system), dual-tag Purification of the Protein of interest, followed by Proteomics. Proteomics are consisting in 1d and 2d Electrophoresis (2d dige), followed by maldi-tof-tof and mascot search to identify interactors of the Protein of interest. the following Validation of some of the interactions was done by coip. Biological relevance checked by Confocal Microscopy.

  • Stagiaire Liège, Belgium

    January 2005 --- June 2005

    optimization of paraffin embedding protocols in dyax corp, optimization of migration and invasion Assays, cryostat slicing


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismPerspectiveProblem solvingTrustWillingness to compromiseFlexibilityEfficiencyCuriosityAttention to detailAuthenticityCharmCollaborationCompetitivenessCoordinationCreative thinkingCritical thinkingAdaptability


Self Assessment :
Biochemistry Cell biology Lab scale batches R&D Scientific writing LabtechnicianAntibodiesBiomarkersBiotechnologyCancerCell biologyCell CultureClinical researchConfocal MicroscopyData AnalysisData cleaningData ManagementDNA extractionDNA sequencingELISAEnglishEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)Flow CytometryFluorescence MicroscopyFluorescent microscopyImmunofluorescenceImmunohistochemistry (IHC)ImmunoprecipitationIn VitroIn VivoLaboratoryLabtechnicianMicroscopyMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft OfficeMolecular & Cellular Biologymolecular biologyMolecular CloningPCRpeople managementPharmaceutical IndustryPhenotype PowerPointProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingProcess improvementProject ManagementProtein ExpressionProtocolPrototyping techniquesR&DRT-PCRScientific methodologyScientific WritingSDS-PAGEFlow CytometryWestern BlottingHPLC

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analyze data Control data Develop protocols Guide students Interact with physicians Interact with nurses Interpret data Lab scale batches Report data Search literature on clinical trials Technology research Use a confocal microscopy Write papersAdjust methodsAdjust processes Analyze proteinAssist with experimentsAssist with routine testsAssist with proceduresAttend seminarsBiomarker ResearchCollaborate with medical teamCollaborate with principal investigatorCollaborate with project teamConfocal microscopyControl protocol versionsData analysisData miningData validationData verificationDesign protocolDirect co-workersEnsure data consistencyEnsure data integrityEvaluate protocolsInteract with pre-clinical scientistsInterpret datamanaging a small teamManuscript preparationManuscript preparation and reviewOral presentationPresent data at congressProvide trainingShipment of biological specimenValidate dataVerify dataUse western blotting techniqueWritten presentation


  • Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology from FUNDP in 2005
  • Bachelor in Cellular and molecular Biology from FUNDP in 2004

Training and Certification

  • Msc in 2005 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
  • International:

Area / Region

Namur, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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