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Current Experience

  • PhD student
    Since October 2011

    The focus of the research group is the discovery of novel molecules and antiviral strategies against a number of RNA viruses including hepatitis C virus, flaviviruses (such as dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, Usutu and Zika viruses) and picornaviruses (rhinoviruses and several enteroviruses such as Coxsackie viruses and enterovirus 71). I am currently finishing up my thesis entitled: '​'Novel antiviral targets for the inhibition of flavivirus replication" which includes: (i) the development of assays to assess potential inhibitory activity on in vitro and in vivo Zika virus replication, (ii) the study of the molecular function(s) of the non-structural 4b protein of dengue virus (DENV), together with the mode of action of novel inhibitors discovered in our laboratory, (iii) the assessment of the in vitro antiviral activity of synthesized nucleoside analogues against flaviviruses in collaboration with chemists, (iv) the role of SUMOylation in DENV life cycle.

Past Experience

  • Early Stage Researcher (ESR) with FP7 Marie-Curie International Training Network ‘EUVIRNA’
    October 2011 --- September 2014
    EUVIRNA is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network that is funded under the Framework 7 PEOPLE programme of the European Commission. I have done 2 industrial secondments in following companies: - Janssen Infectious Diseases, [part of Janssen Pharmaceutica] (Beerdse, Belgium) - Learning about the development and validation of high throughput assays in the industry; Development and a delivery of a presentation about high throughput assay to screen small molecules targeting host targets involved in dengue virus replication. - Okapi Sciences NV [currently Aratana Therapeutic],(Heverlee,Belgium) - Development and a a delievery of business plan presentation on how to start a small biotech startup. During EUVIRNA I have actively participated in following workshops and trainings: -Scientific workshops courses: Bioinformatics, Structural biology, Virus replication & evolution, Advanced microscopy, Clinical virology & antivirals, Computational drug design, Medicinal chemistry - Complementary skills trainings: Personal Career Development Plan & Team skills, Project management, Research ethics & Biosafety, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, IPR & Valorization, IPR in Biotechnology, Dissemination & Social Outreach, Excellence in Science communication, Academic writing and Careers in research

  • F&B assistant, Team leader
    February 2008 --- September 2011
    Acting as a team leader at busy breakfast and evening dining in five-star establishment. Supervision of F&B department staff. Following SOP. Reporting to F&B Manager. Communication with other departments. Completed various training courses based on providing excellent customer service, up selling strategies and dealing with guest’s queries, requests and complaints. Reinforced attention to detail to meet five-star quality service.

  • Final year laboratory project
    September 2010 --- January 2011
    The aim of the project was to construct a catalytically dead form of phosphodiestrase protein 3A isoform 1 (PDE3A1) and to asses its catalytic activity in the FRET experiments with cAMP sensors.

  • Voluntary summer internship
    June 2010 --- September 2010
    During summer placement I successfully expressed and purified domains of the topoisomerase (DNA) II binding protein (TOPBP1) and human papillomavirus 16 proteins E1 and E2 for 2D 15 N–HSQC NMR experiments.

  • Research Trainee
    August 2009 --- June 2010
    During work placement I performed cloning, production,purification and biochemical characterization of the novel avidin-like protein named zebavidin.


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  • PhD candidate in Virology from K.U. Leuven in 2015
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Biotechnology from The University of Glasgow in 2011
  • Bachelor's degree (1 year) in Biotechnology from Uniwersytet Wrocławski in 2006
  • in from Liceum VIII Wrocław in 2005


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    United Kingdom
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    Yes, 0 to 1 days per week
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Glasgow, United Kingdom


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