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i am eager to take a new step in my Career as Employee or contractor for challenging managerial and scientific tasks. i have an exceptional skill set because of wide Education in natural and social Sciences and deep experience in Research and Project Management. particularly i have developed my capacities for the Leadership of Innovation and Research work. i am convinced to be able to boost the Innovation capacity of any public or private organization by developing its Leadership model. this includes giving the employees necessary autonomy and supporting their talents and social needs, letting the members to identify with the team and to internalize the values of the organization. particularly i would take care of creating and maintaining an organizational culture and team-level atmosphere supporting continuous development, ambitious goals, fairness and psychological safety. i see all the universe as my home. i am familiar with international and multicultural environments and can work with very different people. i master virtual and distant collaboration. i am prepared to travel within all the civilized world. my Leadership Ethics bases on kantian principles to treat everybody as an end itself and not only as a means. also i want to enlighten, develop, encourage and educate all the members of my group to use their own wisdom and intelligence so that they grow up to be my co-leaders. my current philosophical interests focus on fairness in society and epistemology of science. in the latter i am interested in questions like: what do we really know about nature and humanity? what is theory? what is a good theory? how to test the theory? what i do not know i can learn very fast. i am a professional learner. i believe that one can always learn new tasks and learn to do current tasks better, and one can improve all the skills by practising and by creating knowledge by studying the underlying principles. i am eager to study unexplored domains.


Current Experience

  • entrepreneur, managing director, project mentor

    Since January 2015
    i am prepared to give Consulting and Teaching in Innovation Management, Leadership and creative Research. i can give all kinds of assistance for Project Management in any phase, particularly Planning. i can help with investment evaluations and acquisitions, particularly on the most critical issues like evaluation and developing the innovation and adaptation capacity. also Simulations and models for any phenomena can be delivered. i can lead multidisciplinary Research work as i know quantitative and qualitative methods in social and natural Sciences. i have also experience on radiation detectors and measurement Electronics. i am familiar with all kinds of Analysis. i can organize meetings, conferences and events. i can arrange Education and Teaching for both theory and practice. i have experience on international trades (russia, switzerland, italy and spain) as buyer, interpreter or translator. i can provide help with internationalization, cultural accommodation, interpretations and translations. I am prepared to give consulting and teaching in innovation management, leadership and creative research. I can give all kinds of assistance for project management in any phase, particularly planning. I can help with investment evaluations and acquisitions, particularly on the most critical issues like evaluation and developing the innovation and adaptation capacity. Also simulations and models for any phenomena can be delivered. I can lead multidisciplinary research work as I know quantitative and qualitative methods in social and natural sciences. I have also experience on radiation detectors and measurement electronics. I am familiar with all kinds of analysis. I can organize meetings, conferences and events. I can arrange education and teaching for both theory and practice. I have experience on international trades (Russia, Switzerland, Italy and Spain) as buyer, interpreter or translator. I can provide help with internationalization, cultural accommodation, interpretations and translations.

Past Experience

  • Entrepreneur

    September 2007 --- August 2011
    i established the the start-up company. previously i had been working as a part-time Entrepreneur. i developed Software for conference management. it applied the then very new Java servlet technology with a web user interface and connection to oracle or other database (jdbc). i used the Software in some scientific conferences in finland and made installations in germany and denmark. i also translated business documents of my clients into spanish. that helped in one full merger. i learned a lot of business economy and Marketing, particularly through failures. that gave me more inspiration to study the economy and management in the University.

  • Scientist

    June 2010 --- June 2010
    i continued Planning future projects. i completed my Simulations of the neutrino beam sent from a distant accelerator like cern. i used my own Java code and applied other codes written in c or c++. i passed my knowledge to local students so that they can continue my work. i felt being very productive in germany. i fit very well in the team from the day one, just because i had a different kind of knowledge and cognitive capacity but still shared the same values so that together we were very strong. i could not continue working abroad, though, because my children ned their father too much on that age.

  • Scientist

    October 2009 --- December 2009
    i planned future projects for building Research infrastructures hosting the largest volume experiments ever built. i simulated the experiments and discovered the possibility to apply liquid scintillator technology for a far detector of a neutrino beam sent from a distant accelerator like cern. during my stay i learned more about German culture and practised my German language skills that i had gained in the school. i was quite amazed how effectively organized the German institutions are.

  • Project Manager

    September 1999 --- January 2008
    i managed eu-funded projects to develop Research infrastructures deep underground in the pyhäsalmi mine. i applied and obtained funding with a typical budget 300 000 € per annum. i lead a Research team consisting of 5-10 persons, including senior Scientist from other nationalities and Research students to be trained. we performed three pilot experiments in the mine with international collaboration. we started building a mid-size Experiment emma to measure cosmic rays. i made also theoretical studies and numerical Simulations for these and other experiments. i made visual models to demonstrate the phenomena and processes, using Java gui. i participated in several international eu framework projects. i was also involved in the Planning of many others, some successful and some not. i established and maintained contacts with the most important scientists in the field and the heads of other underground laboratories in the world. we were working in an operative underground mine. therefore i had to take all operational and safety concerns into account. particularly i learned that an unreported incident is a lost possibility to learn. our safety record was impeccable. i gave lectures in particle Physics and supervised more than ten Master's thesis. i organized several meetings. i was the Chairman for one and Member of the committee for another major international scientific conference. i attended several courses and lectures in Leadership and administration.

  • University Teacher and Researcher

    September 1995 --- August 1999
    i investigated the theory of elementary particles. i continued to make models for neutrinos in different parts of the universe. i established one of the most used resource in the web among the neutrino scientists, the "ultimate neutrino page". i developed some Java applets, both server and client side, to visualize neutrino phenomena for Scientist and students. i gave lectures and exercises in Physics and Mathematics. i also supervised Laboratory practicals. i attended a course to develop University pedagogical skills. with my local colleagues we organized two major international conferences.

  • Postdoctoral fellow

    September 1993 --- August 1995
    i continued Research in international environments. i studied neutrinos in the universe as well as models for neutrino masses. i wrote simulation codes in fortran. during my stay i learned to speak fluent italian. i also learned the italian culture.

  • Postdoctoral fellow

    October 1991 --- September 1993
    i started my Postdoctoral Career in Research, working in an international environment. i made particle Physics models for generating very small masses for neutrinos and studied the phenomena caused by the tiny masses. these included the sun, supernovae and the early universe. i also studied neutrinos as the missing dark matter. i gave some lectures in cosmology. during my stay in spain i learned to speak fluent spanish and write it better than most men in the street.

  • Junior researcher

    July 1990 --- July 1991
    i studied neutrinos in supernovae for my doctoral thesis. i learned to do numerical Simulations in fortran, both with a stand-alone code or using pre-written libraries. i also gave exercises in Physics.

  • Machine Operator

    June 1984 --- August 1984
    i operated all large film processing machines and did Quality Control and other tasks.

  • Machine Operator

    May 1982 --- August 1982
    i operated a large film processing machine. mostly i worked in the dark room. occasionally i participated in the Quality Control, mailing and other tasks.

  • Laboratory Assistant

    June 1981 --- August 1981
    i worked in the Quality Control for the processed film. i also helped the receive the films from the processing machines. i learned to work in the industry. i also got practice to speak in swedish. i had studied swedish in the school, so it was not too difficult.


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingCollaborationCreative thinkingCoordinationCritical thinkingInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeProactivityProblem solvingResponsibilityStrategic thinkingTrustAdaptabilityCuriosityIndependenceKindnessOrganizationSelf-discipline


Self Assessment :
R&DBudget ManagementBudgetingBusiness DevelopmentBusiness PlanningBusiness StrategyC++Change ManagementCoachingContract negotiationData AnalysisData ScienceDatabasesElectronicsEnglishEvent ManagementExperimentationFinancial AnalysisGermanGrant WritingHuman ResourcesInnovation ManagementInternational Project ManagementInternational RelationsIt skillsJavaLaboratoryLaboratory ResearchLaboratory SkillsLaTeXLeadershipLinuxLogisticsmanagementManagement ConsultingMarketing ManagementNegotiationOperations Managementpeople managementPhysicsPresentationsPresentation SkillsProblem SolvingProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingTrainingTechnological InnovationTeam LeadershipTeam ManagementTeachingStrategyStatistical Data AnalysisSocial SkillsScientific WritingscienceResearchResearch GovernanceRecruiting
LinkedIn Assessment :
LeadershipmanagementPhysicsProject ManagementInnovation ManagementNumerical SimulationPhilosophyUniversity TeachingEconomicsResearchscienceSimulationsStatisticsTeachingComputer ScienceLecturingData AnalysisEntrepreneurshipProject PlanningHigher EducationQualitative ResearchE-LearningLaTeXAnalysisProgrammingSPSSMathematical ModelingEnglishSocial SciencesTheoryLaboratoryNumerical AnalysisFortranMathematicsWritingspanishC++JavaItalianGermanswedishQuantitative ResearchQuantum MechanicsExperimentationUbuntuTeam LeadershipMulticultural EducationInternational Project Management

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data Control data Guide students Report data Technology research Use content management systems Write papersAct as the main line of communication between the sponsor and the investigatorAdminister logisticsAdvise on strategyAttend at steering committee meetingsAttend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companybudgeting of R&D activitiescollaborate in research projects at universitiesConduct literature searchesConduct university research Coordinate projectscoordinating research projectsDesign scientific experimentsDevelop software programsDevelop strong internal relationships with stakeholdersDirect co-workersExecute scientific projectsExtrapolate dataFinancial administrationFollow up projectsGeneral office managementIdentify growth / improvement potentialIdentify investigatorsIdentify risksLead studiesLead teamsLiaise with research teamLiaise with professionals in other divisions of the company as requiredManage budgetsManage complexityManage contractors Manage data collection systemManage data reporting systemsManage laboratory proceduresManage multiple projectsManage projects resourcesManage research projectsManage risksManage study budgetmanaging a small teamManuscript preparationNegotiate budget NetworkOffice managementOperate research equipmentOral presentationOrganise meetingsOrganise steering committeePeople managementPlan experimentsPlan work to meet objectives and deadlinesPrepare final reportPrepare manuscriptPresent data at congressproject managementProject probable outcomesProvide support for scientific and/or technical projectsProvide technical supportProvide trainingPublication of articlesPublish scientific projectsR&DResearch at universitiesReview dataSelect investigatorsSelect sitesSet up research projectsSite managementSolve problemsStatistical analysisSupervise analysts and researchersSupervise PhD studentsTeachingTrain off site staffTrain on site staffTrain StaffWork cross-functionallyWrite documentsWritten presentation


  • subject studies in pedagogy from University Centre Chydenius at Kokkola in 2017
  • Master of Social Sciences in management from University of Lapland in 2014
  • basic studies in work and organisational psychology from University of Eastern Finland in 2011
  • basic studies in Business Economics from University of Jyväskylä in 2011
  • Open university studies in production economy from University of Vaasa in 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Physical Sciences from University of Helsinki in 1991
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Physical Sciences from University of Helsinki in 1988
  • matriculation examination in from Lönnrotin lukio, Lappeenranta in 1981


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Full Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Professional Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Manager researcher R&D Director Project Leader Project Manager Team Leader Scientific Researcher Scientist Senior Project Manager (PM) Scientific Officer CEO Chief Strategy Officer Data Scientist Development Manager Finance Manager General Manager Global Data Manager Global PM HR Manager Laboratory Manager Lecturer Lead Consultant Logistics Manager Management Consultant Managing Director President Product Developer Program Manager (PMP & CSM) R&D manager R&D Scientist Research fellow Science teacher Sciences & Maths teacher Scientific Advisor scientific collaborator Scientific consultant Senior Consultant senior research associate Senior Scientist Teacher Business Consultant Data Manager Financial Analyst Office Manager Principal Scientist Product Manager Production Manager Project Engineer Research associate Sciences & Maths teacher Scientific Associate Scientific Writer Senior Associate Scientist Senior Strategy Consultant senior software engineer software engineer
  • Positions I am NOT interested in:
    Sales representative Sales Manager Sales Administrator clinical Medical Account Manager Veterinarian Trainee Student Student Internship BioStatistician Clinical Data Reviewer Clinical Development Consultant Clinical Director Clinical Director Europe Clinical Laboratory Technician Clinical Operations Manager Clinical Project Leader Clinical Research Consultant Clinical Research Coordinator Clinical Research Physician Clinical Project Manager (CPM) Clinical Safety Associate Clinical Research Manager Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA) Clinical Trial Coordinator (CTC) Compliance Manager Director Pharmacology MD (Medical Doctor) Physician Pharmacist Medical Writer Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Medical translator Medical Manager Medical Officer Medical Sales Representative Medical Advisor Medical Affairs Associate Medical Data Coordinator Medical Director Molecular Biologist Nurse Pharmacovigilance Assistant Pharmacovigilance Officer Physiotherapist Preclinical Project Manager Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Scientist Pharmacology Regulatory Affairs Assistant Regulatory Affairs Associate Regulatory Affairs Consultant Regulatory Affairs Manager Regulatory and Start-Up Specialist Regulatory Project Manager
  • Locations I am interested in:
    Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Italy Netherlands Norway Spain Sweden Switzerland UK
  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl freelancer :    40 Hours per week
    BrightOwl employee
  • International:

Area / Region

Oulu, Finland


Driving License
  • Yes

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