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I am a life science professional with 20 years of experience in early drug discovery. I am proficient in drug discovery processes, from target identification to clinical candidate selection. I led and participated in close to 50 projects, several of which reached the clinic. My background is in Neuroscience and Oncology. I have managed various cross-departmental teams, led assay development group and high throughput screening group that managed over 100 HTS/HCS campaigns. I received 7 JNJ awards for this work. I also established and led target engagement group, iPSC research and epigenetic research. I received the Hofmann award for establishing high content research, the second most prestigious award at Johnson & Johnson. I also established external collaborations with academic groups and biotech. I am person who delivers results, develops innovative projects and solves challenges along the way. My passion and motivation comes from working with talented people, collaborations, project work, innovation and scientific challenges in drug discovery.


Current Experience

  • Scientific Director and Research Fellow
    Since January 2007
    •Leading iPSC group with the aim to establish phenotypic models and to develop phenotypic and biochemical assays for various targets in Alzheimer’s disease •Participating in iPSC IMI projects (Stembancc and EU AIMS) •Established and led target engagement group of 20-35 scientists who provided valued expertise within Neuroscience, Oncology and Infectious Diseases project teams •Led assay development group of 8 scientists who supported Neuroscience and Oncology project teams and HTS. •Led high content and high throughput facilities at Janssen •Participated in Phaedra development team (high content LIMS software)

Past Experience

  • Principal Scientist in the department of AD&HTS
    January 2003 --- January 2007
    •Established and led a high content research group at Janssen •Co-development of MIAS-2 high content platform •Led assay development group of 8 scientist who delivered important assays and assay development expertise for project teams and HTS (cellular assays, GPCRs, cell signaling, safety assays, high content assays)

  • Senior Scientist in the department of AD&HTS
    January 1998 --- January 2003
    •Led neurotrophic research and internal and external neurotrophic factors related projects •Discovered novel neurotropic factors and their receptors (GFRα3, GFRα4 and Enovin) •Proposed new projects and developed new assays for Neuroscience project teams

  • Postdocoral Fellow in the departnment of Receptor Pharmacology
    January 1995 --- January 1998
    •Established new research group focusing on discovery and characterization of novel neurotrophic compounds, neurotrophic factors and their receptors

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. F.A. Stephenson laboratory
    January 1994 --- January 1995


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  • PhD in Molecular Neurobiology from School of Pharmacy, University of London in 1994
  • Bachelor in Molecular Biology from Molecular Biology, University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1989


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