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I am a 5-years experimented resaearch associate in cell signaling. I did a PhD in molecular oncolgy in Tours, France and then complete my formation in Pr. Favre's lab at the institut Pasteur, Paris. I now work in Dr Saoudi's Lab in Toulouse where I lead a study that gives insight into TCR signaling using state of the art mouse genetics and mass spectrometry analysis of primary CD4 T cells.


Current Experience

  • Wetenschappelijk medewerker
    Since September 2012
    My main project concists in the unraveling of TCR signaling using state-of the art mouse genetics combine to mass spectrometry analysis.

Past Experience

  • Postdoctoral fellow
    March 2010 --- August 2012
    We carried researches on EVER2, a protein involved in a rare genodermatosis associated with extreme susceptibility to β-HPV leading to skin lesions and cancers. We showed that EVER2 has a role in Tumour Necrosis Factor Receptor-1 (TNFR-1) signaling and demonstrated that it was involved in life and death decision of TNF-stimulated cells. By deciphering EVER2 impacts on this signaling of great importance in virus infected cells and tumour progression, we shed new lights on the mechanisms behind the pathology. These researches have led to several articles published in international peer-reviewed journals.

  • PhD student
    January 2005 --- January 2008


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  • PhD in molecular oncology in Virology/oncology from Université François Rabelais de Tours in 2009

Area / Region

Toulouse, France


Driving License
  • No