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I'm seeking opportunities for an experienced motivated Research Technician. I have 26 years work experience an In Vitro skills. I would like to continue growing, learning and improving in biomedical research.


Current Experience

  • Lab Technician Brussels, Belgium
    Since February 2016

Past Experience

  • Lab Technician
    July 1989 --- September 2015

    In Vitro Pharmacology (16 years)

    -Assay development : characterization of small molecules on GPCRs (radioligand binding assay, functional assays)

    -Design, plan, perform cell-based assays (e.g. measure intracellular Calcium by fluorescence/luminescence)

    -Adherent mammalian cells culture (replication-amplification-seeding plate, mainly CHO & HEK cells)

    -In charge of Automated Liquid Handling Systems, Automated Robot Station - Write standard operating procedures-quality guidelines

    -Set up & ran High Throughput Screening on automated station

    -Responsible for data analysis & reporting - Platemanagment

    -Responsible for Radioactive & Bio - safety in the laboratory

    In Vivo Pharmacology (10 years)

    -Regional dissection of the Rodent Brain & homogenate preparation

    -Microdialysis - microsurgery

    -Protein Dosage


BrightOwl Assessment :


BrightOwl Assessment :
Mammalian Cell CultureIn Vivo Labtechnician Lab scale batchesLaboratory TechniquesLaboratory testingFluorescence MicroscopyAutomationCell CultureELISAGMPHPLCCommunication SkillsHigh Throughput Screening (HTS)In Vitro
LinkedIn Assessment :
High Throughput Screening (HTS)R&DIn VitroLaboratoryLaboratory AutomationChimieRecherche mPharmacologieBonnes pratiques de laboratoireIn VitroBiologie molSecteur pharmaceutiqueSciences de la vieBPFBiotechnologieLaboratoireCriblage Validation

Skills and Expertise

BrightOwl Assessment :
Lab scale batches Control data Interpret dataAssist with routine testsCollaborate with project teamWork under specific instructions


  • Bachelor's degree in Chimie clinique from HELHa in 1989
  • in from CEFOCHIM - formation HPLC in 0
  • Découverte des GMP- C. Delvenne in from CEFOCHIM in 0
  • L'immunologie pour débutants- niveau 1 & 2 in from Biopark - Gosselies in 0
  • Test ELISA in from Biopark - Gosselies in 0
  • validation méthodes analytiques - D. Schiavon in from CEFOCHIM in 0


BrightOwl Assessment:
Professional Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency
Self Assessment:

Area / Region

Ittre, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes