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Current Experience

  • Research Assistant
    Since October 2014

    Bioinformatics-driven development of a tailor made diagnostic multiplex PCR tool for the simultaneous quantitation of inflammatory factors in human blood

Past Experience

  • Laboratory Technician
    May 2014 --- September 2014

  • Lecturer
    September 2013 --- April 2014
    Lecturer in mathematics, cell biology, molecular diagnostics, molecular biology, biotechnology, medical bacteriology, food chemistry, analytical chemisty

  • Research Assistant
    October 2012 --- September 2013

    Validation of an operational and rapid diagnostic technology for the identification and quantification of Candida species from clinical samples


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molecular biologyMolecular DiagnosticsResearchBacterial CultureMALDI-TOFDNA extractionSequence AnalysisPCRqPCRLecturingHigher Education


  • Master's degree in Industrial Engineering Biochemistry from Katholieke Hogeschool 'Sint-Lieven', Gent in 2012
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Pharmaceutical and biological laboratory technology from Katholieke Hogeschool 'Sint-Lieven', Gent in 2010

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Driving License
  • Yes