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dedicated Scientist with broad experience in Microbiology, molecular biology and Cell biology. expertise gained in both academia and industry environments, working in different organisations and countries so far.


Current Experience

  • Scientist

    Since September 2014
    - development of Assays for phage enumeration and efficacy Testing; - development of phage efficacy Testing methods against a range of pathogens; - support of Sales department with Validation and application experiments design for the phage-based products; - Development of assays for phage enumeration and efficacy testing; - Development of phage efficacy testing methods against a range of pathogens; - Support of sales department with validation and application experiments design for the phage-based products;

Past Experience

  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    December 2012 --- April 2014
    my work was focusing on interaction of epec (enteropathogenic e. coli) with host intestinal epithelial cells and the mechanisms by which epithelial function is altered as a result of these infections. i was assessing the impact of effector Proteins produced by epec on tj structure, function and polarity complexes, by infecting Cell lines using different effector combinations. developing a new effectors delivery system based on lentiviral particles.

  • Research fellow

    June 2012 --- September 2012
    Bioengineering of lantibiotic lacticin3147 and lactococcinb bacteriocin.

  • FEBS Research Fellow/ Microbiology Laboratory Practical Demonstrator

    February 2012 --- June 2012
    obtaining of new lactococcin b variants using a PCR-based mutation approach; improving the technological attributes of nisin and lacticin 3147: improve ph, temperature, serum stability, protease resistance and/or production levels;

  • Ph.D student

    October 2008 --- March 2012
    "studies of bacteriocins produced by lactococcus lactis strains" isolation of lactic acid Bacteria (Lab) from fermented Food samples; Bioengineering of lacticin 3147; Bioengineering of lactococcin b. comparison of the potency of the lipid ii targeting antimicrobials nisin, lacticin 3147 and vancomycin against gram positive Bacteria.

  • Phd Student Trainee

    January 2010 --- January 2011

  • Diploma Engineer in Food Biotechnology

    October 2003 --- July 2008
    main subjects: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Food Biotechnology, Toxicology, enzymology.


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Microbiologymolecular biologyGeneticsSDS-PAGEHPLCPeptidesCell CultureProtein chemistryToxicologyBiochemistryLaboratoryBiotechnologyMicroscopyMolecular CloningProtein PurificationqPCRLentivirus


  • BSc in Food Biotechnology from Universitatea „Dunărea de Jos” din Galați in 2011

Area / Region

Wageningen, Netherlands


Driving License
  • Yes

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