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My main interest since I’m young is in life sciences. However, I have worked in the field of cancer research, for 8 years in academia in UK and then for 7 years in Belgium, for a biotech company specialised in diagnostic assays based on epigenetics biomarkers. Therefore, I’ve got now a particular interest in oncology, epigenetics and diagnostics. To improve my skills in data analysis, I attended, in 2013, a course in biostatistics. Practicing biostatistics, also meant learning about R and SAS programming. Like for any other topics that I studied, I got involved and interested in these new subjects. It is why, later on I registered for a MOOC in epidemiology and R statistics. To complete my training and help me working with data, I took part in a bioinformatics course and learnt about Linux, SQL language and Perl programming. Data analysis and R programming were also at the agenda. Getting new knowledge and looking for new projects to work on, is like reaching a new crossroad, full of curiosity and enthusiasm.


Current Experience

  • Assistant
    Since April 2016
    R & SAS programming

Past Experience

  • Trainee in Biostatistics
    January 2016 --- March 2016
    R programming for spectral data (NMR & EPR) analysis (PCA & clustering)

  • Trainee in Bioinformatics
    September 2015 --- January 2016
    Linux system using Zsh shell, Perl programming language, relational database management with SQL, data analysis with R Application examples: Analysis of microarray data or next generation sequencing data.

  • Scientist
    April 2015 --- June 2015
    European project writing up in the field of epigenetics and cancer diagnostics in order to apply for EU funding

  • Trainee in Biostatistics
    February 2014 --- April 2014
    Project in Pharmacoepidemiology implying mainly SAS programming and some R programming

  • Theoretical Training in Biostatistics
    October 2013 --- January 2014
    R, JMP, SAS, Design of Experiments, Quality, Multivariate statistics ....

  • R&D Scientist
    July 2013 --- September 2013
    Multiplex Real Time PCR; Diagnostic kit

  • Scientist
    April 2013 --- May 2013
    R&D Project writing up / grant application

  • R&D Scientist
    December 2005 --- April 2013
    Epigenetics and cancer diagnostics

  • Research officer
    May 2005 --- October 2005
    Research field: Bladder cancer, radiotherapy and DNA repair

  • Postdoctoral Position
    November 2001 --- February 2005
    Research project: Aim to understand the role of FGFR3 mutations in bladder cancer

  • Postdoctoral Position
    July 1997 --- October 2001
    Research project: Functional analysis of DDR1 (Discoidin Domain Receptor 1)


LinkedIn Assessment :
molecular biologyBiotechnologyCell biologyProtein BiochemistryResearchBiostatisticsBiochemistryLife Sciences


  • French equivalent to PhD in Research of the K88ab, K88ac and K88ad bacterial lectin specificity from Limoges University in 1993

Training and Certification

  • SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9 Certification

Area / Region

Liège, Belgium


Driving License
  • No