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Current Experience

  • Project Leader
    Since January 2014
    Oystershell Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the innovation of consumer healthcare products (OTC). Our mission is to bring to the world new health products that combine scientific progress with greater consumer satisfaction. At Oystershell Laboratories, we believe that this "best of two worlds" concept can only be realized with the help and enthusiasm of our consumers, clients, partners and staff. Our team is proud of the product innovations that it has developed so far (see brands/technology) but, at the same time, we know that our greatest-ever product still lies ahead of us. Oystershell Laboratories develops non-prescription pharmaceuticals, medical devices, insect protection, cosmeceutical and nutritional products to keep you and your family healthy. Dermatology Skin care – moisture lesions and nappy rash Burns – restoration of the hydration status and wound healing of superficial an partial thickness burns (in collab. with various professional wound nurses) Acne – biofilm inhibition in the sebaceous glands (in collab. with various institutes including the Charité Hospital Berlin) Onychomycosis and nail penetration parameters (in collab. with University of Antwerp) Insects of medical concern Head lice treatment – identification of the ideal composition of oils and apolar fluids for dehydration of the insect’s wax layer (in collab. with various insect research institutes) Insect repellents – search for species-specific repellents (in collab. with the Royal Institute for Natural Sciences, Brussels) Cough & Cold Physiological parameters of nasal mucosa (University of Ghent) Oral and Dental care Dental biofilm inhibition (University of Ghent) Oystershell Laboratories: creating value through science and consumer insights.

Past Experience

  • Post Doc Lab. Pharmaceutical Technology
    January 2013 --- January 2014!staff/ckiy Ongoing projects: • Development of innovative polymeric/latex based coating for tablets/pellets. Drug release modulation dependent on pH and temperature conditions. • Responsible for nanoparticles characterization via AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy). Topographic characterization of nanosurfaces and nanoparticles. • Formulation research /development for poorly water soluble drugs (BCS Class II/IV). • Development of liquid (emulsion/suspension) nanosystems for targeting drug delivery. Skills developed: AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy), Laser Diffraction, Spray drying, Pelletization/sferonization, extrusion (hot/cold), tabletting, Dissolution (apparatus I, II, IV), UV/Visible Spectroscopy, HPLC, Ultrasonic Emulsification, SEM, X-Ray Diffraction, DSC Main publications: Hydrogen bonded polymeric multilayer films assembled below and above the cloud point temperature Andre Antunes UGent, Marijke Dierendonck UGent, Gertjan Vancoillie UGent, Jean Paul Remon UGent, Richard Hoogenboom UGent and Bruno De Geest UGent (2013) CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS. 49(83). p.9663-9665 Mark Salt plays a pivotal role in the temperature-responsive aggregation and layer-by-layer assembly of polymer-decorated gold nanoparticles Zhiyue Zhang UGent, Samarendra Maji UGent, Andre Antunes UGent, Riet De Rycke UGent, Qilu Zhang UGent, Richard Hoogenboom UGent and Bruno De Geest UGent (2013) CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS. 25(21). p.4297-4303 Mark

  • Pharmacist Phd/Researcher Lab Pharmaceutical Technology
    May 2005 --- January 2012
    Dissertation: Development and evaluation of solvent-free processing techniques for poorly water soluble drugs • Bioavailability enhancement of poorly soluble drugs through ultrasonic cavitation and coacervation without the use of organic solvents. • Development of antihelmintic formulation for animal large scale medication (drinking water medication). • In Vitro (dissolution testing, use of apparatus I, II, III, IV) and In Vivo (determination of drug plasma levels after administration in Canis familiaris and Sus domesticus) of the developed formulations. • Stability studies Dafra Pharma International/ Ugent/FFW Project collaboration Turnhout, Belgium ( • Galenical development of oral solid dosage form and topical semisolid dosage form of a low melting point drug aiming the climatic regions III and IV. • Stability studies for climatic region III and IV. Skills developed: Spray Drying, Hot Melt Granulation, Hot Melt Extrusion, Particle Size Determination by Laser Diffraction, Solid State Studies by X-ray Diffraction, SEM, DSC. Main publications: Formulation of poorly water-soluble drugs via coacervation: a pilot study using febantel Wesley De Jaeghere UGent, Bruno De Geest UGent, Jan Van Bocxlaer UGent, Jean Paul Remon UGent, Chris Vervaet UGent and Andre Antunes UGent (2013) EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICS AND BIOPHARMACEUTICS. 85(3). p.930-935 Mark Gelucire 44/14 based immediate release formulations for poorly water-soluble drugs Andre Antunes UGent, Bruno De Geest UGent, Chris Vervaet UGent and Jean Paul Remon UGent (2013) DRUG DEVELOPMENT AND INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY. 39(5). p.791-798 Mark Solvent-free drug crystal engineering for drug nano- and micro suspensions Andre Antunes UGent, Bruno De Geest UGent, Chris Vervaet UGent and Jean Paul Remon UGent (2013) EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES. 48(1-2). p.121-129 Mark 2012

  • Pharmaceutical R&D/ Galenical Development Responsible
    October 2002 --- May 2005
    • Formulation development for Proprietary API and Generic Drugs • Outsourcing development projects. • Linking position between Production, R&D and Quality Control • Direct interaction with Regulatory Affairs and Product Registration. Skills developed: Granulation, Tableting, Coating, Solid dosage forms: tablets and capsules, Semi-solids HPLC, Cleaning Validation, GMP, GLP,ICH, CFR, ISO 9001,ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, SAP, EMAS.


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  • Phd in Pharmaceutical Technology from Universiteit Gent in 2012
  • Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universidade de Coimbra in 2001
  • Posdoc in Pharmaceutical Technology/Biopharmaceutical Technology from Gent University in 0

Area / Region

Ghent, Belgium


Driving License
  • No