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Current Experience

  • Production Support - Finishing Production Department - Consultant for The Biotech Quality Group
    Since August 2015
    Consultant for the Biotech Quality Group Role and Responsabilities : - Change control writing/management - Deviation and action plan writing/management - Troubleshooting and coordination - Continuous Improvement project initiation/management

  • Consultant
    Since March 2014

Past Experience

  • Quality Support - Change Management - Consultant for The Biotech Quality Group
    May 2015 --- August 2015
    Consultant for the Biotech Quality Group Role and Responsabilities Change Control: - Review and Approval of Change Control at different process step - Ensure following of change from initiation through different steps - Ensure Quality Support for Change Management Improvement - Analyse and Evaluate the Change Control Management process - Propose and implement potential improvement

  • Quality Support - Raw Material Release - Consultant for The Biotech Quality Group
    March 2015 --- April 2015
    Consultant for the Biotech Quality Group Roles and responsibilities: Deviation - Investigations (within TrackWise 8 system) - Identification and creation of useful action plans Projects and Change Control - Closure of Supplier Change Control - Lead of several projects (specification & procedure update, team organization) - Redaction of guidance and training for “New Practices” - Support for routine work

  • Quality Support - Deviation Process
    September 2014 --- March 2015
    Consultant for the Biotech Quality Group on cGMP improvement project - Diagnose and improve the deviation process, - Investigate and write deviation reports, - Define adapted CAPAs.

  • QA Officer - QA Pharma Manufacturing - Dry Forms
    March 2014 --- August 2014
    Consultant for The Biotech Quality Group Role and Responsabilities Deviation & CAPA - Investigations on several deviations to found the most probably root cause - QA review of process and documental deviation - Propose and find possible CAPA to avoid recurrence - Follow-up and review of CAPAs and action plans Validation - Validation of new DP and new API’s supplier - Review of validation documents: Quality Risk Analysis (QRA), Process Performance Quality Protocol (PPQP), Process Design Development (PDD) - Review of master batch record - QA follow-up of the projects in accordance to the cGMP Tech Transfer - Authorization of Tech Transfer towards manufacturing - Review and approbation ofTech Transfer Protocol, Tech Transfer Report Release - Review of master batch records and specifications - Writting, Review and follow-up of Product Quality Review Others - Follow-up of RA commitments - Act as back up for other team QA Officers and Assistants according to Manager instructions - Assist Manager to achieve team objectives

  • Research Associate - Master graduate
    February 2013 --- July 2013
    Synthesis of molecules as inhibitors of a protein involved in epigenetic therapy Role and Responsabilities - Optimization of a synthesis pathway, from a literature of the 70's - Study of the effects of different substituents on the target's activity - Following of conversion and characterization of structures thanks to available analytical methods (HP-LC, UP-LC, LC-MS, GC-MS, NMR proton, carbon and 2D) - different ways of purification used : Flash chromatography (normal and reverse phase), manual column, Prep. TLC - types of reactions : heterocyclic chemistry (Fisher indolisation, cyclisations, ...), pallado-catalyzed reactions (Sonogashira, Pd/C deshydrogenation, Buchwald coupling), cyclisation (Diels-Alder, ...) - softwares used : ACD Lab for NMR analysis, Chemdraw as molecule drawer, 3D Chemdraw for enthalpy calculation, PyMol for molecule-protein interactions, MS (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for presentations, reports, ELN (electronic Lab Notebook)

  • Research associate
    February 2012 --- August 2012
    Internship Synthesis of Alzheimer's disease target molecules

  • Intern
    August 2011 --- January 2012
    Synthesis of novel fungicide molecules - Organic synthesis - Analytics used : HPLC, LC-MS, GC-MS, C-and H- NMR - Purifications : Combi Flash column and Reverse Phase column

  • Intern
    April 2011 --- May 2011
    - Study of mineralization of diuron by a consortium of bacteria - decontamination of vineyards' soils - sterile cultivation of bacteria - dosage of the minaralizetion of diuron by HPLC


LinkedIn Assessment :
ChemistryPharmaceutical ManufacturingAnalytical ChemistryOrganic ChemistryMulti-step SynthesisGMPR&DGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)Pharmaceutical IndustryTechnical TransfersProcess ValidationQC ToolsTrackwiseSAPLIMSProduct SpecificationFDA GMPDeviation ManagementCAPARegulatory affairsRoot Cause AnalysisAction Plan DevelopmentSOPQuality OperationsGood Distribution Practice (GDP)Analytical Methods DevelopmentSupplier QualityPharmaceutical ConsultingCorrective ActionsVisual InspectionProduct QualityChange ManagementSecteur pharmaceutiqueBPFChimie


  • Ingeneer Diploma in Organic, Bioorganic and Therapeutic Chemistry from Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Mulhouse in 2013
  • Master of Research degree in Organic Synthesis from Université de Haute-Alsace Mulhouse-Colmar in 2013
  • Licence 2 in Physic Chemistry from CPGE Dumont d'Urville (Toulon) Physique-Chimie in 2009

Area / Region

Brussels, Belgium


Driving License
  • No