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in order to reach my professional aims, i decided to change my Career path. until today,the academia was the field of my work and now, i’m actively seeking a job in industry. im sure all my skills could be beneficial for a company. Biologist and Analytical Chemist (in the same time) by my Education and my professional experiences, i have the ability to work at the "interface" between different fields (physiopathology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Medicine..), and this particularity, leads to Innovation and creativity. determined and motivated, i know that combining more than one field is a real challenge and permits a better understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms (or many problematics), in the aim to propose tomorrow solutions or new therapeutic targets. for more information, email


Past Experience

  • Project Manager R&D in Analytical Chemistry

    October 2012 --- May 2016
    the project was about a multicompartmental metabolomics approach applied to the diagnosis of indeterminate thyroid tumours and to the Characterization of the effect of fructooligosaccharide (fos), a prebiotic, under high fat diet condition in a mouse model. the aim was to show that such approach could lead to a more global visualization of the induced metabolic modulations, and therefore, improve the identified discriminant markers relevance. regarding the diet study, the mono-compartmental Analysis of the different mouse organs/intestine segments enabled us to identify metabolic pathways affected by the high fat diet whereas the effect of fos could only be characterized for the feces samples. regarding the thyroid Cancer study, the multi-compartmental approach could not have been continued due to sample handling issues. however, the classical metabolomics Analysis of the specific samples from patients with benign or malignant tumours led to a clear discrimination between both groups with a predictivity similar to that of commercial diagnosis tests. Biomarkers were identified. in the meantime, the slow-spinning NMR hr-mas technique was explored in order to preserve the integrity of the tissues during the experiments. the use of this technique was accompanied by a number of drawbacks that i have avoided using special NMR sequences, and putting in place a robust science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol for sample preparation. finally, a filter (used in MRI) was assessed and its Applications to metabolomics as an alternative to t2 filter.

  • Teacher Assistant

    October 2013 --- September 2015
    pratical Lecturer of Microbiology to supervise and instruct students in Microbiology labs to assist students individually with points they found difficult to understand to monitor and to mark exams

  • Research Assistant in Metabolomics Analysis (chemistry)

    January 2012 --- June 2012
    the project was an approach about NMR based metabolomics Analysis of plasma samples for the diagnosis of thyroid Cancer.

  • Research Assistant in Metabolomics Analysis (chemistry)

    January 2011 --- June 2011
    classification of the men1 Gene variants the aim of the project was to help in the diagnosis of the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 (men 1). with our model, we classified mutations of the men1 Gene that could lead or not to Cancer by using the approach of NMR based metabolomics.

  • Research Assistant in Molecular Biology of basal cell carcinoma (biology)

    January 2010 --- June 2010
    i studied the role of the Protein patched 1 in basal Cell carcinoma in humans with different Biological approaches.

  • Trainee in Biology NF-kappa B and Leukaemia

    June 2007 --- June 2007
    the aim was to identify and to understand the interactions of nf-kappa b with other Proteins of the signaling pathway in the leukaemia.


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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Analytical Chemistry from Aix Marseille University in 2016
  • Master's Degree 2 in Chemistry, Data Processing, Spectroscopy and Analysis from Aix Marseille University in 2013
  • Master's degree 2 in Pharmacology and Therapeutic Innovation from Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University in 2011
  • Master's degree 1, Physiopathology, Neurobiology, Pharmacology in from Nice Sophia Antipolis University in 2010

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