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a project and team Leader with a wide range of experience in the project coordination, Software Development (using various waterfall, iterative and incremental development methodology such as rad, uml, rup and customer-specific) and Project Management (PRINCE2, agile and customer-specific) in large international environment. 
proven Leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. able to use own initiatives to achieve company objectives.
excellent computer, analytical (business and technical) and Documentation skill sets.
excellent design and Problem Solving skills. flexible, learns new tasks/skills quickly and ability to work autonomously.
expertise in .net technologies (, c#, SQL server, SharePoint)


Past Experience

  • Business Analyst - Capacity Planning Rixensart

    January 2015 --- November 2017

    analyzing and developing (resources) capacity management process and tools within gvcl (global Vaccines Clinical laboratories) :

    • gathering and reviewing user requirements.
    • developing consolidated demand and capacity management tools from a to z (database architecture, design, Analysis and programming).
    • define a clear, transparent and transversal process.
    • the solution was based on c#, wpf, SQL server 2008 r2 technologies, .net 4.5, devexpress framework and scrum methodology.
    • writing functional specifications and technical Documentation based on defined user requirements

  • Network-IT Project Manager Braine-L'Alleud

    May 2013 --- December 2014
    • responsible for the Analysis, design and implementations of the telecom expense management suite, which includes the life cycle management  (Analysis, design, configuration and the Testing) and the Procurement (rfi, rfp, rfq, contract negociation) with the selected service providers. (€34+m total spend).
    • worked with the internal it-network Operations, provisioning and Procurement departments to gather and document the requirements for the telecom expens management (tem) project.
    • analyzed the differences in mobile and landline contracts between the various markets and identify where consolidation and/or contract renegotiation may result in improved services and lower costs.
    • supported management in the development and execution of annual saving plans.
    • managed and controlled wireless refresh project (replacement of wireless equipment in more than 80 sites).  which includes Project Management, rfp/rfq, logistic and built of standard Documentation. (budget=€500+k).
    • managed and controlled dmz replication project. which includes Project Management, rfp/rfq and logistic. (budget=€500+k).

  • Data Analyst Bruxelles

    November 2011 --- February 2013

    -  analysing data from different reporting sources, in order to find trends, correlations and anomalies.

    -  developing a web portal featuring dashboards, pivot tables, summary reports for invoicing, mobile telephony, Inventory Management, request fulfilment.

    -  driving the implementation and rolling-out (full development life-cycle) of reporting portal.

  • Software Architect & Engineer Brussels

    January 2006 --- January 2013

    -  managed complete Software Development life-cycle (from business modeling to deployment) of web based Data Management (study designer, Data entry, coding of Adverse Events and medications), project management, timesheet management and Document Management Applications using .net, c#,, SQL server, SharePoint, XML, JavaScript, web services technologies and rad methodologies.

    -  built and configured hardware, networking and externalized full server environment (web, application and database servers) in a data center.

    -  managed the infrastructure by designing, implementing, documenting and supporting the systems, the network and the data and by seeking to ensure adherence to standards and templates, to enhance the flow of information, to promote adaptability of the environment, to ensure interoperability among the company and the external customers, to reduce duplication of effort.

    -  implemented ivrs (interactive voice response) services for embedded platforms (phone,  gsm,  sms, aim, …). using  voicexml, tropo, Java, json, oracle, soa, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, web services technologies and ITIL/uml/extreme programming methodologies. 

  • Senior Clinical Software Designer Ottignies

    March 2011 --- October 2011

    -  conducting the Analysis, design, implementation and deployment phases of a web based coding application.

    -  conducting the Analysis, design, implementation and deployment phases of an (heterogeneous) application integration project based on web services.

    -  Planning, coordinating and overseeing activities related to the integration of id-net (Clinical Randomization) and id-code (medical term coding) internal tools with marvin (external edc tool).

    -  responsible for ensuring that the technical architecture (“blueprint”) is followed and that services necessary to meet the changing needs of the organization are implemented and maintained.

    -  ensuring that the project delivers the solution within the specified time, cost constraints and required quality standards by applying best Project Management practices.

    -  producing the technical and logical architecture and maintaining the project Documentation.

    -  identifying major risks and issues.

    -  designing a solution providing the ability for iddi to more quickly respond to changing business needs, reduce overall cost of ownership and make future enhancements less painful or time consuming.

    -  migrating id-code environment, architecture and gui from .net 1.0 to .net 4.0.

    -  driving the implementation and rolling-out (full development life-cycle) of id-code environment.

  • Data Governance Analyst Bruxelles

    November 2010 --- February 2011

    -  improved and sustained the data quality in cytec’s systems by facilitating data cleansing and by implementing the right processes, policies, procedures and tools to stay clean.

    -  actively drove the facilitation process (run meeting, tracks action items, schedule follow meetings etc.).

    -  prepared templates, Data cleaning files, data policies, process flows, work instructions documenting the internal Procurement and account payment processes.

    -  worked with dmo manager and business stakeholders to ensure the correct project priorities.

    -  reported on data governance services performance.

    -  contributed to global initiatives and projects that involve Data Management and data conversion activities.

    -  was the go-to person for the data Operations Supervisor in case of process unclarity and other questions.

  • Project Manager Zaventem

    February 2010 --- August 2010

    -  managed large and complex project plan, as active Member of pmo, using MS Project/Excel/SharePoint as Planning/Analysis/collaborative tools (3000+ tasks in the master plan and 10+ individual project plans) including it, Testing, business and facilities tasks.

    -  produced comprehensive schedules and reports in various formats and details to suit different audiences or users (discrepancy management, defect status, uat forecast, overall shift plans, resource Forecasting).

    -  monitored actual progress to the baseline and report progress against the schedule

    -  analyzed and reported trends.

    -  forecasted, analyze and highlighted the impacts of changes on the schedule (what-if Analysis) and the potential risks/issues in the schedule.

    -  highlight areas of improvement to ensure the schedule is accomplished.

  • Project Manager, GRSI (Global Regulatory Science Informatics) Braine-L'Alleud

    November 2008 --- November 2009

    -  drove implementation of the evmpd (eudravigilance medicinal product dictionary) Strategy through Project Manager and business analyst  roles in the company.  the solution was based on oracle, Java, jsp,  XML and web services technologies and navigo (customer-specific) development methodology.

    -  fulfilled Project Management and business analyst roles (to support Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance business).  responsibilities included the following:

    >provided strong pm Leadership including budget estimation, resource Forecasting, work Planning & tracking and communications by using MS Project as pm tool and developing bridges between MS Project and ms Excel for dashboard reporting and risk/impact Analysis.

    >managed work and resource team members assignment in MS Project, in liaison with various functional managers.

    >gathered and shared project status (resource usage/needs, work distribution, % task completion, risks and critical path, project changes) through periodic team meetings, teleconferences and e-mails…

    >defined and collaborated with all affected stakeholders to build preferred business solutions that will drive global harmonization of business practices while meeting critical regional requirements and business goals.

    -  represented europe in the grsi project management community forum in order to define global pm framework and standards. 

  • Manager, Clinical Data Coordination Rixensart

    November 2006 --- July 2008

    -  led a multinational team of Clinical data Coordinator (located in europe and india)

    -  developed resources Forecasting tools and algorithm to evaluate and allocate available resources to projects and to anticipate future needs and optimize resources assignments.  this framework was using data extracted from SAP (for study parameters) and MS Project plans (resource, work and scheduling information).  complex ms Excel macros automatically generating tables/graphs/trend curves of forecasted work (current and future) and resource distributed across the time have been developed based on resource and study profiles.   

    -  developed MS Project Training material (8 hours of slides/demo/exercises) and delivered worldwide “Project Management principles applied to Clinical project” Training sessions to my team of 18 coordinators.

    -  introduced standardized and harmonized project plan template, reducing the number of tasks from 1000+ to 80-150 tasks for the 200+ active study/project plan in order to improve productivity, repeatability, Risk Management, backup role, Communication with external customers, ...

    -  led, organized and animated team (and cross-functional) meetings.

    -  organized team event and integrated team members from dm centers in india.

    -  ensured quality and timely delivery in accordance with commitments.

    -  established people development approach (Coaching, providing regular feedback, development plan, defining and assessing objectives,...)

    -  harmonized and developed Documentation related to the cdc function (sops, job description, working procedures, Training material,…).

    -  delivered worldwide Training sessions on Data Management cleaning process.

    -  initiated multi-disciplinary meetings to coordinate Data Management activities delegated by the Clinical project team (crf design, Data entry application development, programming of specific checks and reports, data review up to data freezing,...)

  • Senior System/Business Analyst, Clinical Research Department Diegem, Brussels

    June 2004 --- November 2006

    -  designed and implemented eCRF in partnership with clinical research group (project managers, BioStatistician, clinical Scientist, standard librarian, …).

    -  implemented and integrated project management tools, reports, olap cubes and principles in the clinical research department. this framework was based on MS Project server as centralized db, ms SharePoint as collaborative tool and an in-house web based portal (that i have designed and implemented, including adding some macros to MS Project pro and some tables and stored procedure to the default MS Project/SQL server db) to “complement” MS Project with additional features.

    -  worked as System administrator and interface between the business and it for MS Project (5 pm, 10 project plans, 2500+ tasks per project plan) and ms SharePoint related concerns.

    -  built, implemented and trained clinical research employees on is tools that has significant impact on the business.

    -  participated to the development and promotion of pmo (as active Member) and universal templates used by all Clinical Research Coordinator and managers and all members of the department as a follow-up, resource Forecasting and knowledge sharing tool.

    -  developed congress management, project management, virtual reality device management and issue tracking web Applications for the institute of therapy development.  the solution was based on .net 1.0, asp, SQL server technologies.  

  • Project Leader, Clinical Software Services Brussels

    January 2000 --- June 2004

    -  designed, developed, validated and implemented an integrated Data Management application. this multi-tier, .net, Java, XML , JavaScript, SQL server, delphi and web based application featured crf design, remote data capture, coding of medical terms, query tracking and dataset exporting modules. new products were derived from id-base and successfully marketed

    -  worked as Project Manager in the field of a partnership with a major Pharmaceutical group for the development of a global Clinical study management toolkit (blue print, Document Management, study design, rde, profiles, etc.).

    -  managed the infrastructure by designing, implementing, documenting and supporting the systems, the network and the data and by seeking to ensure adherence to standards and templates, to enhance the flow of information, to promote adaptability of the environment, to ensure interoperability among the company and the external customers, to reduce duplication of effort. 

    -  oriented the company to new markets by developing innovative, user-friendly and generic Applications / web services.

    -  conducted test drives and Presentations with potential customers (pittsburgh, paris, brussels). these meetings succeed and the outcome was the signing of long term partnership contracts based on id-base products.

    -  developed a .net / soap generic web service in the field of collaboration with a “concurrent” company to integrate the two business logics/Applications and provide a homogeneous and integrated solution to the contractor.

    -  trained new hired Project Leader and it assistant in delphi, ivr Applications and id-base.

    -  wrote and helped in the writing of technical and project documents like user requirements, design specifications (uml), quality plan, Validation plan, user manuals, standard procedures (SOP), quotes (devis) for Outsourcing contracts, etc…

    -  used waterfall, rad, uml and customer-specific development methodologies

  • Senior Developer Bruxelles

    January 1998 --- January 2000

    -  redeveloped the company’s interactive voice response system (ivrs) framework (based on client server and corba multi-tier Applications / dialogic cards / mssql / own assembled servers) for the Randomization department. object oriented components were developed and the methodology has been reviewed to improve the reusability, the stability and the system administration. the development cycle has been simplified and reduced from a few weeks to a few days.

    -  helped the “financial and administration” department by analyzing, developing and deploying Project Management tools for timesheets, projects management and reporting (delphi, SQL server, client server technologies).

    -  designed and developed self-managed and embedded Data Management tools for asian studies (delphi, paradox, client server, installation free application on a single floppy disk) .

    -  took part in the help desk for over than ten projects and thousands users and maintained computing facilities (building and Troubleshooting ivrs stations).

    -  used waterfall, rad, uml and customer-specific development methodologies


BrightOwl Assessment :
Emotional reactivityOptimismCuriosityReaction to stressResiliencyCreative thinkingEfficiencyKindness


BrightOwl Assessment :
Design and tracking systemsIt skillsPhase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVEfficacy trialsSafety trialsWriting Study Procedures and SOPsDatabase design and maintenanceData entryPhases of clinical development (phase I to IV)Understanding of regulatory guidelines
Self Assessment :
Drug development processPhases of clinical development (phase I to IV)Designing case report formsData entryRandomization and blindingICH GCP guidelinesInformed Consent ProcessDrug Safety and PharmacovigilancePatient Follow UpSafety trialsEfficacy trialsPhase IPhase IIPhase IIIPhase IVGood Clinical Practice (GCP)It skillsUnderstanding of regulatory guidelines

Skills and Expertise

BrightOwl Assessment :
Analyze data/information to determine potential relationships.assess the needs of the project(s)/program(s) and make changes in process, work flow and/or assignments.Collect data as required by the protocol and complete case report forms and reviews for completeness.Conduct limited data and/or statistical analysis.control different protocol versions and other essential documentsDesign the database Design, document, test, implement and manage clinical data collection and reporting systemsDevelop and maintain tracking systemsEdit dataInteract with computer specialistsInteract with information specialistsLiaise with research team in order to accurately collect and record dataperform Data codingperform Data validationperform data entryperform Data verificationTransfer dataWork with coordination and data management teams
Self Assessment :
Analyze data/information to determine potential relationships.attend Investigator meetings requiring travel and report pertinent information back to research team members.Attend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companyCapture pertinent data onto source documents (i.e., vital signs, adverse events, concomitant medications, etc.).Coach and provide guidance to clinical staff.collaborate in research projects at universitiesCollaborate with PI and institution to respond to any audit findings and implement-approved recommendations.Collect data as required by the protocol and complete case report forms and reviews for completeness.Conduct limited data and/or statistical analysis.Design a tracking systemDesign case record formsDesign the database Design, document, test, implement and manage clinical data collection and reporting systemsDevelop and maintain tracking systemsDirect co-workers to achieve resultEnsure consistency between the protocol and CRFInteract with computer specialistsInteract with information specialistsInteract with statisticiansInterface with CROs and other contractors with guidance in order to implement clinical trial programs efficientlyLiaise with research team in order to accurately collect and record dataOversee outsourced data management activitiesperform Data codingperform Data validationperform data entryTransfer dataUpdate Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS) Work with coordination and data management teams


  • Computer Science in from ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) in 1998

Training and Certification

  • Spirit & Tools for Managers in 2008 Training
  • InForm Development & Lifecycle Management in 2006 Training
  • Cell Therapy in 2005 Training
  • Inform Architect for CDA's-Building CRF's in 2004 Training
  • Upgrading Web Development Skills from ASP to ASP.NET in 2003 Training
  • VoiceXML 2.0 in 2003 Training
  • Distributed Application Development in 2000 Training
  • Basic Immunology Course in 2008 Certification
  • Medicinal product Dictionary in 2008 Certification
  • Business Analyst CTMS Training in 2006 Certification
  • InForm 4.5 Train the Trainer in 2006 Certification
  • Advanced PL/SQL Programming in 2005 Certification
  • Advanced Presentation Skill in 2005 Certification
  • eRT/eDM Systems in 2005 Certification
  • Siebel CTMS - CDC in 2005 Certification
  • Project Management Principle in 2004 Certification
  • ORACLE Database Administration in 2002 Certification
  • SAS SQL and SAS access in 2002 Certification
  • CORBA and Java Development in 1999 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Elementary Proficiency
Professional Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    BrightOwl freelancer :    40 Hours per week
  • International:

Area / Region



Driving License
  • Yes

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