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Accomplished Scientist with cellular biology background and experience in stem cell therapy development. Motivated by innovative projects and transversal approach of drug product development. .


Current Experience

  • Project & Development Manager
    Since August 2014
    The project management of several cell therapy projects in development and clinical phase.

Past Experience

  • R&D Project Manager
    March 2014 --- August 2014
    Management of the R&D and Business Development of an in vitro diagnostic solution.

  • Project Leader
    April 2013 --- March 2014
    Responsible of Scientific and Strategic management of two European Collaborative projects.

  • R&D Scientist
    January 2011 --- April 2013
    Development of : 1-Bioassays for potency evaluation of a stem cell therapy product. 2-Viral Inactivation process of growth factors 3-Assays for the qualification of raw materials in manufacturing process.

  • Post Doctoral Fellow
    January 2009 --- December 2010
    Investigation on the immunoregulatory activity of Mesenchymal stem cells in an in vitro and in vivo models. I learned to work in an international environment, initiate and develop mesenchymal stem cells extraction, culture and identification. I also learned to work on various murine in vivo models for colitis, encephalomyelitis and tumor development. I learned flow cytometry and immunofluorescence as well.

  • PhD Student
    September 2004 --- December 2008
    Understanding the mechanism and Identifying the proteins responsible for the anti-apoptotic activity of IL-9 on T cell lymphomas. Investigating the regulation of Matrix Metalloproteases expression by anti-apoptotic cytokines like IL-9 and CCL-1. I acquired experience in cell culture, microarrays, molecular biology, gene transfection, immunology. I also learned to collaborate with other laboratories, present my data and write scientific papers.


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  • Accelerated Management Programme in LEadership-Project Managment-Marketing-Accounting-Finance-Strategic Management from Solvay Brussels School in 2014
  • IFB Masterclass Biotechnology in from Flanders Bio in 2013
  • Symposium on Raw Materials for the Production of Cell-based and Gene Therapy Products' in from European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare in 2013
  • PhD in Biomedical studies from Université catholique de Louvain in 2008
  • in from Lycée Français de Moscou in 0

Area / Region

Bruxelles, Belgique


Driving License
  • No