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At my current job in a start-up company, I am responsible for the planning & execution of customer projects and robotic platform automation (Tecan Freedom EVO 100), as well as the establishment of various 3D cell-based assays. Additionally I am also representing the company at partnering/business and scientific conferences, and am involved in preparing marketing material, as well as customer acquisition & relation.

Scientific background: Having worked in various areas of cancer research (cancer immunology/immunotherapy, chemotherapy/small molecules, biomarkers etc.), I have mostly focussed on 3D cell culture models during the past 7 years and gained experience using several different models. During my Post-Doc, I collaborated with industry and clinical groups to assess biomarkers in patient serum & tissue samples, while my PhD work has focused on the tumour microenvironment and how it contributes to drug resistance. In addition to extensive knowledge of cell culture and cell-based assays in two- and three-dimensions (spheroid culture), I have worked in the areas of hypoxia and cancer stem-like cells using FACS-based and several molecular biological methods.


Current Experience

  • Project Manager
    Since January 2016
    3D cell culture and automation specialist. Planning & execution of customer projects, responsible for robotic platform automation (Tecan Freedom EVO 100), establishment of various 3D cell-based assays for the company portfolio, company representation at partnering/business & scientific conferences, preparation of marketing material, customer acquisition & relation.

Past Experience

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Zürich, Switzerland
    February 2013 --- October 2015

    Assessment of miRNAs as biomarkers in human serum and tumour tissue
    Development and characterisation of 3D co-culture models

  • R&D Scientist
    March 2012 --- January 2013
    Characterisation of a murine transgenic TH-MYCN neuroblastoma model and response to therapy (Clinical Studies Group; Head Dr. Louis Chesler)

  • R&D Scientist
    October 2011 --- February 2012
    Critical analysis of stem cell markers in head and neck cancer (Head Dr. Suzanne Eccles)

  • PhD student
    October 2007 --- September 2011
    “The tumour microenvironment and response to therapeutic agents in head and neck squamous carcinoma cells” under supervision of Dr. Suzanne Eccles (Section of Cancer Therapeutics)

  • Diplomarbeit
    October 2006 --- September 2007
    “Improved in vitro maturation of dendritic cells for the induction of advanced antigen-specific cytotoxic T cell (CTL) response under serum-free conditions” under supervision of Dr. Bernd Hildenbrand (Centre of Cell and Immunotherapy)

  • International Internship (Cancer Research)
    May 2006 --- June 2006
    “The role of VEGF-A, -C, and -D in human breast cancer” under supervision of Prof. Dr. Arjan W. Griffioen (Angiogenesis Laboratory, now in Amsterdam)

  • International Internship (Cancer Research)
    March 2006 --- April 2006
    “Effects of drugs on proliferation and migration of MDA-MB-435 human breast cancer cells” under supervision of Dr. Suzanne Eccles (Section of Cancer Therapeutics)

  • Internship (embryonic mouse stem cells)
    October 2005 --- November 2005
    “Cultivation, differentiation and characterisation of embryonic mouse stem cells” under supervision of Prof. Dr. H.G. Augustin (Angiogenesis Research Centre)

  • Internship (Angiogenesis)
    August 2005 --- September 2005
    “Characterisation of lymphatic and vascular endothelial cells in connection with Notch, Delta and Jagged1” under supervision of Prof. Dr. H.G. Augustin (Angiogenesis Research Centre)

  • Internship (Virology)
    May 2005 --- June 2005
    Research on "Duck hepatitis B virus” under supervision of Prof. M. Nassal


Self Assessment :
Attention to detailCollaborationCommunicativeCharmCritical thinkingCreative thinkingDependabilityEfficiencyFlexibilityIndependenceInterest in knowledgeInnovative thinkingOrganizationOptimismProactivityResult OrientedResponsibilitySociabilityService orientedSelf-confidenceReaction to stress


Self Assessment :
3D cell culture Cell biology R&D Scientific writingApplicationsAssay developmentAutomationBiotechnology
LinkedIn Assessment :
Cancer ResearchCell CultureIn VitroStem Cellsmolecular biologyCell biologyFACSScientific WritingCell Based AssaysDrug TestingTranslational ResearchCellCancerWestern BlottingFluorescence MicroscopyMicroscopyLife SciencesIn VivoPCRELISAFlow CytometryImmunologyImmunohistochemistryProtein PurificationTissue CultureCancer Cell BiologyRNA isolationRT-PCRCell SignalingqPCRCancer Stem CellsmiRNAProtein ExpressionLaboratoryoncologycomputer literateBiomarkersMolecular CloningLaboratory Skills

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Create SOPs Develop protocols Interpret data Report data Technology researchAdjust processes and methodsAssist with experimentsAttend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companyCell cultureCommunicationCoordinate projectsData entryData validationDesign marketing advertismentsDesign scientific experimentsDevelop marketing strategiesdrafting grant applicationsExecute scientific projectsInteract with pre-clinical scientistsInterpret dataInterpret scientific datalifescienceMaintain strong relationshipsManage multiple projectsNetworkOptimize assay performanceOral presentationPrepare final reportPresent data at congressproject managementPromotional materialsR&DTranslate customer needs into analytical study proposal/protocol


  • Diplom / Masters in Immunology, Animal Physiology, Virology, Ecology from Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau in 2007
  • in Teacher training course (Biology, Chemistry, German) for primary and secondary school from Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg in 2001
  • Abitur in Biology, German from Scheffel-Gymnasium, Bad Saeckingen, Germany in 2000

Training and Certification

  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP-Kurs Modul 1-3) Certification
  • LTK Module 1: Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science Certification
  • LTK Module 14 and others - continuing education Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Positions I am interested in:
    Product Manager Medical Advisor Project Manager
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    Permanent position :    100% FTE
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Area / Region

Zürich, Switzerland


Driving License
  • Yes