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an enthusiastic young biotechnologist since 2005, experienced in the spectrum of fields including biophysical Chemistry, nano-biophotonics and Structural Biology with excellent knowledge in applied molecular life science projects. experienced in a vibrant industrial environment such as Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. exposed to critical R&D problems in the global scientific platform and worked in countries such as usa, france, germany, poland, india and netherlands. trained in molecular biophysical modalities participated in challenging bio-Nanotechnology tasks. as a Research associate, Consultant and then as a Project Manager acquired the ability to interact/ work in interdisciplinary teams consisting of scientists and business associates. an outstanding team player with strong interpersonal, Communication and computational skills, thrives in the highly pressurized environment. the professional experiences invited talks and the projects i have taken part in are indicative of my ability to organize my duties and carry out my specific goals independently with creativity, Innovation, and a multi-disciplinary approach. i am self-motivated, with much of proven interests in research and product developments, which i have demonstrated by publishing and presenting my works around the globe over 21 prestigious international conferences/ workshops. i enjoy the findings all throughout my learning and fuel my thirst of becoming a highly motivated personal. currently working on Protein aggregation and Protein-lipid interaction. Testing of novel drug candidates on Proteins and model membrane system using advanced biophysical techniques, a molecular approach towards a disease modifying therapy for amyloid diseases.


Current Experience

  • ESR, "Ph.D. Candidate," - Marie Cuire MANIFOLD RESEARCH PROGRAM

    Since January 2013
    currently working on Protein-lipid interaction, model membranes systems, Protein folding and structural organization, amyloid aggregation and membrane damage studies using advanced biophysical techniques.. Currently working on Protein-Lipid Interaction, model membranes systems, protein folding and structural organization, amyloid aggregation and membrane damage studies using advanced biophysical techniques..

  • Clinical Research Coordinator

    Since February 2011
    the scientific bio-minds is an academic private organization established in 2008. it is a federation of Bioinformatics research and service groups from the major universities. it also works closely with industrial partners. i am one of the Co-founder in this research organization. the scientific bio-minds brings together Bioinformatics skills and experience. it co-ordinates Bioinformatics research and Education throughout india and provides high quality Bioinformatics services to the national and international research community. i was working as a Partner Research associate in various projects concerning Cancer Research and Drug Delivery Applications using computational bio-Chemistry approach The Scientific Bio-Minds is an academic private organization established in 2008. It is a federation of bioinformatics research and service groups from the major universities. It also works closely with industrial partners. I am one of the co-founder in this research organization. The Scientific Bio-Minds brings together bioinformatics skills and experience. It co-ordinates Bioinformatics Research and Education throughout india and provides high quality bioinformatics services to the national and international research community. I was working as a partner Research Associate in various projects concerning cancer research and drug delivery applications using Computational Bio-chemistry approach

Past Experience

  • Visiting Research Scientist

    September 2012 --- November 2012
    Protein structural Analysis, evolutionary mutation, quantum Simulations, nano-Characterization, MD super bio-computing - astro-Biology/exobiological prediction.

  • Visiting Faculty

    September 2012 --- November 2012
    complex viral Protein structure Analysis using advanced biophysical techniques.

  • Exhange visitor

    September 2012 --- November 2012
    Protein structure organization; both biophysical assay and insilico approach.

  • Intern

    March 2012 --- July 2012
    Research project on “Characterization of the interaction networks involving lipids & membrane Protein caveolin-1, study of their molecular dynamics in terms of structural & functional properties at atomic level”

  • Erasmus Mundus Research Scholar

    August 2009 --- September 2011
    this master course offers an original Qualification in the highly innovative domain of molecular photonics for Telecommunications and Biology. skills will be acquired at the strongly interdisciplinary level needed to master emerging technologies and to develop original concepts and Applications aiming at novel technological breakthroughs in this domain.


    July 2010 --- November 2010
    bio-Physics group on Analysis of membrane Proteins and NMR studies with dsv-ibitec group - cnrs

  • Research associate

    September 2008 --- August 2009
    we center for Bioinformatics Research institute (cbri), is a premier institute for high caliber Training and Research and development in the field of Biomedical and bio-it Informatics. advanced Training and services in Bioinformatics for the promotion, growth and prosperity of Biological Sciences.• how scientists are solving computational Drug Discovery problems in the industry • about the latest trends and modern methods in lead identification and optimization. • how you can access and use a combination of computational Chemistry and Biology tools, and effectively communicate your findings to your group. • how you can introduce and use cadd as an educational tool in academia. • diseased Gene expressions and Microarray Data Analysis, etc.

  • Research and Development Engineer

    July 2008 --- June 2009
    successfully achieved the target within a proposed time-frame and developed a novel methodology on “preparation of edible gelatin extracts with anti-cancerous properties”. a product oriented project..

  • Tutorial Teaching

    October 2005 --- August 2008
    Teaching Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology to school students


LinkedIn Assessment :
Protein chemistryBioinformaticsscienceCell CultureNanotechnologyLifesciencesmolecular biologyBiotechnologyChemistryCharacterizationComputational BiologyCell biologyPCRMicroscopySpectroscopyMicrobiologyLife Sciencespeople managementTeam LeadershipBiochemistryBiomedical EngineeringBiophysicsDrug DiscoveryMass SpectrometryCellSDS-PAGEIn VitroProtein PurificationConfocal MicroscopyHPLCGeneticsmanagementResearchNMRAFMElectron MicroscopyPhotonicsOptical MicroscopyMembrane interactionmodel membranesLipidsGMPPatentsBusiness Model InnovationClinical researchData AnalysisWestern BlottingMatlabScientific Writing


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology from Utrecht University in 2016
  • Research in Nanotechnology from University of Virginia in 2013
  • Master of Science in Molecular nanophotonics for biotechnologies from Ecole normale supérieure in 2011
  • Master of Science in Molecular Chemistry from University of Wroclaw in 2011
  • Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology from SRM University in 2009
  • PGDCA in Computer science and Application from LIBA, Loyola College in 2008
  • Higher Secondary in Maths and Science from Saraswathi Vidyalaya in 2005

Training and Certification

  • Business English Ceritificate in 0000 Certification
  • IELTS - 7.5 in 0000 Certification

Area / Region

Utrecht, Netherlands


Driving License
  • No

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