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Current Experience

  • Program Drugs (BMCDDA), head
    Since November 2013

Past Experience

  • Educational Coach
    September 2012 --- October 2013
    Design and coordination of courses and workshops with a common approach on group dynamics, personal development and communication.

  • PhD Biomedical Sciences
    October 2007 --- December 2011
    Thesis Title: Stem cells in the pituitary gland and candidate cancer stem cells in pituitary tumors. Promoter: Prof. Dr. Vankelecom Laboratory of Tissue Plasticity Faculty of Medicine, KU Leuven This thesis study essentially contributed to the final identification of stem/progenitor cells in the pituitary gland and strongly argues for the functional implication of these cells in plastic cell (re-)modeling of the gland. Moreover, we identified a SP as candidate CSC in pituitary adenomas. In particular, EMT - in connection with SP/CSC -, may play an important role in pituitary tumor pathogenesis and represent an interesting mechanistic and therapeutic concept to advance the field.


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Scientific WritingCoachingGroup DynamicsIllicit drugsDrug PolicyCancer Stem Cellsmolecular biologyTeachingOrganizationCell CultureImmunohistochemistry (IHC)ImmunofluorescenceStem CellsBiomedical SciencesLifesciencesTranslational ResearchAnimal ScienceoncologyFlow Cytometrymouse modelsConfocal Microscopy


  • Master's degree in Biology - Option Physiology and Molecular Biology of Animals from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2007
  • Bachelor's degree in Biology from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2005

Area / Region

Antwerp, Belgium


Driving License
  • No