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Although I am scientifically trained, I have a broad interest field and I am very motivated and interested to learn about all the aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

During my PhD training at the Centre of Medical Genetics in Antwerp, I successfully designed and applied various protocols, for the genetic and molecular biology analysis of candidate genes in the light of human obesity. In addition, I performed data listing, processing and analysis personally, using Excell, PLINK and SPSS. As a general task in the Centre of Medical Genetics during my PhD education, I was responsible for researching, filing and updating the Material Safety and Data Sheets of all the products in the lab.

I consider myself a very punctual and orderly (but still creative) person, with a natural talent for planning and organization which I apply in both my personal and professional life. Furthermore I am capable of working and solving problems independently.

I have always looked for new challenges and ways to develop myself independently and broaden my horizon. After 5 years of research in an academic environment, I decided to travel for several months, refresh my language skills and think about the direction in my professional life. I came back refreshed, eager to learn and motivated to start a new experience.


Past Experience

  • PhD student
    September 2009 --- February 2014

  • Student Valencia, Spanje
    January 2009 --- June 2009

    As an Erasmus student, I completed my master internship and thesis in the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Valencia, Spain. The title of my work was "Protein-protein interaction screening of SH3TC2 in CMT4C".


Self Assessment :
IndependenceSociabilityOrganizationProblem solvingEfficiency


Self Assessment :
Biostatistics BiochemistryGenetic polymorphismGenetics Cell biologyGood Clinical Practice (GCP)PCRELISAMolecular CloningPharmacogenomics (study of genetic variation)DNA sequencingGood Publication Practice (GPP) Scientific writingProtein Expression
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GeneticsStem Cell Researchmolecular biologyCell biologyBiochemistryCell CulturePCRBioinformaticsMicroscopyscienceLifesciencesGenomicsCellELISA


  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Universiteit Antwerpen in 2014
  • Master in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Universiteit Antwerpen in 2009

Training and Certification

  • Laboratory Animal Science in 2009 Certification
  • Managment of an Organisation in 2009 Certification


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Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Full Proficiency
Full Proficiency


    Expert has 6 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Antwerpen, België


Driving License
  • Yes