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I entered my company as a field worker, a blue collar. Being quite interested not only about what I do, but also into why I do it, why I must do it "that way", management spotted my potential, and made me evolve step by step through quite a few roles... I'm trying to apprehend as many aspects of my job as possible, not staying in my daily routine, but analyzing things and try to have ideas on how to improve things around me. After all, improving things make my job better! Oh, and not forgetting i'm the nerd next door, always there to debug your computer or teach you how to make a better spreadsheet.


Current Experience

  • Engagement team member
    Since April 2014
    Part of a group of people with the goal of enhancing site staff engagement

  • Production Support Officer
    Since June 2013
    Follow-up of deviations, Change Controls, CAPAs for production departments. Assist by editing Master Batch Records, SOPs, conducting investigations related to production.

  • Internal documents translation
    Since June 2012
    Not an actual job, but I translate some documents to English on request of customers, and provided assistance to colleagues for understanding documents written in English. Documents translated include master batch records, deviation reports and change control documents.

  • KMS Site Administrator
    Since January 2011
    Users and training items management in our corporate Knowledge Management System

  • Excel Spreadsheets Validation Specialist
    Since January 2011
    It is not really a role, but I've been requested several times to create and validate Excel spreadsheets in regards to Pharmaceutical industry rules.

  • Web Developer
    Since January 2001
    It's not a job (even if it used to be), but I've been found knowledgeable about web design, Internet presence, SEO, web development, Wordpress development, and other things... I may not be Mark Zuckerberg, but I helped a few people make themselves a little place in the Internet.

Past Experience

  • Operational Reporting & Performance Analyst
    February 2012 --- June 2013
    Gathering numbers and giving them a meaning, see what's out of trends and find out why, hinting to make them better. I'm also in charge of internal communication and reporting.

  • MFG Training Coordinator
    May 2008 --- February 2012
    I was responsible for training on all jobs in the Manufacturing area of our NOH location.

  • MFG Team Leader (temporary)
    June 2010 --- September 2010
    4 months mission as ad interim Team Leader. I was chosen to work there to replace people who are on holidays...

  • Production operator (Manufacturing)
    May 2005 --- May 2008
    I've been a blue collar in manufacturing area and had several roles. Feeding machine, realize in-process controls as the first role, then I've been in charge of product sterilization, then machine parts control and sterilization (components prep room).

  • Part of an experts group
    April 2008 --- April 2008
    I've been part of a 2 weeks trip to the Raleigh plant of Catalent, to spot problems in their SOPs and workforces' way of working.

  • Webmaster, Web admin
    November 2002 --- November 2003
    In this small, newly created company, i was responsible of converting what the graphists outputted into websites. As the most "computer-litterate person", i was also responsible of everything related to hardware or software.


LinkedIn Assessment :
SOPTrainingManufacturingGMPSix SigmaSoftware DocumentationLean ManufacturingContinuous ImprovementTrackwise21 CFR Part 11Operational ExcellenceGXP5SJD EdwardsmanagementKPI DashboardsBatch recordsComputer System ValidationRoot Cause Analysis

Area / Region

Anderlecht, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes