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Current Experience

  • Laboratory technician
    Since February 2009
    Tasks: -performing routine-analyses (pH, conductivity, sodium, chlorides, ethanol, polymers, endotoxins, microbiology, ...) -performing calibrations -performing validations -updating SOP's and validation protocols according to latest GMP standards and farmacopoeia requirements. -follow-up of stock materials and equipment

Past Experience

  • Production Scientist
    May 2008 --- February 2009
    Tasks: -ensuring continuous production of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, from basic compounds, through the production process and quality control up to the finished product. -follow up of stock materials

  • Materials Scientist
    October 2007 --- November 2007
    Tasks: -updating materials databases -contacting suppliers for compound data -completing compound files -reporting

  • Process Engineer Protein Purification
    April 2005 --- May 2006
    Tasks: -updating all process databases -process development -scheduling fine-tuning experiments -providing support for the analytical and cell culture teams

  • Laboratory operator QC Tasks
    October 2004 --- April 2005
    visual and mechanical inspection of tapes -reporting and intervention on production line if necessary -steering operators

  • Operator
    April 2004 --- October 2004
    Tasks: -moving through 12 workstations for the assembly of car parts (team) -maintaining safety on work spaces -budget management -moving through rotation system for the cleaning of all work stations

  • Laboratory operator
    January 2004 --- April 2004
    Tasks: -production of mint products -maintenance and calibration of laboratory equipment -updating production log books -reporting of product deviations

  • Operator
    November 2003 --- November 2003
    Tasks: -production of silicone products -maintaining continuous production


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingAttention to detailCompetitivenessCollaborationCritical thinkingInterest in knowledgeOrganizationSelf-discipline


Self Assessment :
Biochemistry LabtechnicianAnalytical ChemistryAnalytical Method ValidationAnalysisAnalytical methodsAnalytical proceduresAnalytical techniquesBiotechnologyCAPAChange ControlChromatographyCleaning ValidationDNAElectrophoresisEnglishgas chromatographyInstrument Validation ProtocolsLaboratory TechniquesLiquid Chromatography-UV (LC-UV)Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerpointMicrosoft WordPharmaceuticalsProtein PurificationSDS-PAGEScientific WritingStandard Operating Procedure (SOP)ValidationWestern Blotting
LinkedIn Assessment :
GMPGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)DocumentationSOPLifesciencesBiotechnologyBiopharmaceuticalsDNALaboratoryQuality Control (QC)Change ControlCAPAValidationEquipment validationAnalytical Method ValidationAffinity ChromatographyIon ChromatographyHydrophobic Interaction ChromatographyPurificationBiochemistryChemistryMicrobiologyHPLCChromatographyProtein PurificationLIMSCalibrationProtein chemistryAnalysisInstrumentationExcelUV/VisSDS-PAGEgas chromatographySpectrophotometryWestern BlottingGel ElectrophoresisLife Sciences


  • Industrial Engineer in Biochemistry, biotechnology from Hogeschool Gent in 2003
  • in from Sint-Victorinstituut in 1999


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Elementary Proficiency

Area / Region

Turnhout, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes