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multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Researcher working in the interface between Chemistry, bioconjugation, Drug Delivery and Immunology. capable of developing and implementing new ideas in both individual and team-based projects. dependable, resourceful, efficient and creative.


Past Experience

  • Postdoctoral researcher

    July 2013 --- October 2014
    Laboratory for regenerative Medicine & pharmacology (lmrp) guidance: prof. jeffrey a. hubbell project: photocleavable and redox-sensitive block copolymers for Drug Delivery and vaccine development - development of stimuli-triggered Vaccines using conjugated Polymers to oligonucleotides and Peptides. i synthesized, purified, characterized and assembled the conjugates into nanometric micelles of various Formulations and they were studied in their In Vivo application as Vaccines. - organizer of group meetings for the nanoparticle subdivision

  • Postdoctoral researcher

    July 2011 --- June 2013
    department of chemical and biomolecular Engineering guidance: prof. dennis e. discher. project: photocleavable and redox-sensitive block copolymers for Drug Delivery and vaccine development - development of stimuli-sensitive worm-like micelles as Drug Delivery systems. expanding into the field of Drug Delivery i synthesized, purified, characterized and assembled (DNA-)block copolymers into worm-like micelles that were implemented as successful Drug Delivery carriers for Cancer Treatment. the results are currently being written into a manuscript for submission. - project Supervisor and Trainer of students at, and ph.d. levels. - Teaching "nanoscale Systems Biology". - responsible for the maintenance of the gel permeation chromatography (gpc) and high performance Liquid chromatography (HPLC) machines. - developer of scientific proposals. - Reviewer of manuscripts.

  • PhD student

    August 2006 --- April 2011
    PhD student in organic and biomolecular Chemistry. stratingh institute for Chemistry. promoters: prof. gerard roelfes and prof. ben l. feringa. thesis title: development of functional DNA-based systems (isbn 978-90-367-4832-2) - construction and application of DNA-based functional systems. in a promising but still emerging group in the field of DNA-based systems i established the conjugation of metal catalysts, Peptides and organic molecules to oligonucleotides as well as their Purification, assembly and application in catalysis, molecular sensing and light harvesting. as a result my work was published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals. - project Supervisor and Trainer of students at and levels - Teaching of practical courses: "Organic Synthesis for Pharmacy" and "synthesis and Analysis i" - jury Member in the 2007 stratingh award for the best student colloquium in the department of molecular organic and inorganic Chemistry.

  • Researcher

    February 2011 --- March 2011
    Researcher at the stratingh insitute for Chemistry under the supervision of prof. gerard roelfes. project: an atp sensor based on DNA-directed split murine dihydrofolate reductase (dhfr) reassembly

  • Trainee

    September 2003 --- January 2004
    Training at the gas chromatography department


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NMRDrug DeliveryOrganic SynthesisOrganic ChemistrySpectroscopyMass SpectrometryPolymer ChemistryChemistryHPLCBiochemistryGPCscienceProtein chemistryProtein ExpressionSupramolecular ChemistryBiomolecular ChemistryBioconjugationNanoparticlesConjugation


  • Master's degree in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in 2006
  • Bachelor's degree in Organic Chemistry from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in 2004
  • Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Universitat Jaume I in 2004

Area / Region

Lausanne, Switzerland


Driving License
  • No

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