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my working philosophy: ‘Research is a guide that, when followed with unwavering devotion, will contribute facts to any organized fund of knowledge’. goal: i aim to become an independent Scientist and inventor and to develop and define therapeutic means for common human ailments. summary: i offer wide variety of expertise, from basic Biochemistry to molecular and cellular Immunology, from studies on Animal models to development of ip in the form of Medical Device, from computer technologies to Bioinformatics, etc.


Current Experience

  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    Frankfurt, Germany
    Since July 2013

    i am working on the role of sphingosine-1-phosphate (s1p), hypoxia-inducible factors (hifs) and epigenetic regulation in tumor associated macrophages (tam). i am using human breast Cancer, adenocarcinoma, etc. cells lines and various mouse tumor models to understand the tumor and tam derived factors influencing tumor microenvironment for chemotherapy.

    I am working on the role of sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P), Hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) and epigenetic regulation in tumor associated macrophages (TAM). I am using human breast cancer, adenocarcinoma, etc. cells lines and various mouse tumor models to understand the tumor and TAM derived factors influencing tumor microenvironment for chemotherapy.

Past Experience

  • Senior Scientist (Preclinical Medical Device)

    May 2010 --- December 2014
    MRI is engaged in all areas of high-tech Research & development and Consulting services in Healthcare and it. i am involved in Technology Development for Medical Device division.

  • Post-doctoral Fellow

    April 2012 --- June 2013
    my focus is to understand the mucosal immune response to colorectal Cancer and the influence of immuno-enteroendocrine axis in colonic Stem cell development and differentiation during intestinal Inflammation.

  • Staff Scientist (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter)

    April 2010 --- March 2012
    • conceiving, designing and implementing Biomedical Research, • guiding technical staff, assisting co-workers, • Analysis and presentation of scientific data, writing Research articles and reports, • identifying and establishing collaborators, • designing and maintaining Lab’s website, etc

  • PHD Fellow

    September 2005 --- March 2010
    Publications: original articles: • wiege k, le dd, syed sn, ali sr, novakovic a, beer-hammer s, piekorz rp, schmidt re, nürnberg b, gessner je. 2012. j immunol. 2012 jun 15. [epub ahead of print] • syed sn, konrad s, wiege k, schmidt re and gessner je. 2009. eur j immunol. 39(12):3343-56. • braun a, gessner je, varga-szabo d, syed sn, konrad s, stegner d, vögtle t, schmidt re, nieswandt b. 2009. blood 113(5):1097-104. • konrad s, ali sr, wiege k, syed sn, engling l, piekorz rp, hirsch e, nürnberg b, schmidt re, gessner je. 2008. j biol chem. 283(48):33296-303. abstract: • wiege k, ali sr, brede s, syed sn, piekorz r, nürnberg b, birnbaumer l, schmidt re, and gessner je. (2009). redundant and alternative role for gαi2 and gαi3 in immune complex induced Inflammation in lung. eur. j. immunol. 39: [s1] s632. • syed sn, konrad s, wiege k, nieswandt b, nimmerjahn f, schmidt re and gessner je. (2008). cooperation of fcγriii and fcγriv is critical in igg-dependent hypersensitivity reactions in mice. wien klin wochenschr 120/15–16 [suppl 1] 163. • gessner je, braun a, varga-szabo d, syed sn, konrad s, stegner d, vogtle t, schmidt re and nieswandt b. (2008). the er calcium sensor stim1 is essential for fcγ receptor activation and autoimmune Inflammation. wien klin wochenschr 120/15–16 [suppl 1] 164. award and achievements: • awarded phd studentship from MD/phd program ‘molecular Medicine’, hbrs, germany from oct 2007 till july 2009. • prestigious young Scientist travel scholarship from european federation of Immunology societies (efis) to attend european congress of Immunology, berlin sep 13-16, 2009. • awarded phd studentship from dfg in grk705 from nov 2005 to sep 2007. awarded travel grant by dgfi, for ogai-dgfi joint annual meeting at vienna, sep 2008.

  • Research associate

    August 2002 --- September 2005
    • studied the interaction of organic insecticides with helicoverpa armigera Proteins to understand the mechanism of interaction/inhibition of Protein activity. we have identified specific inhibitors of insecticide resistance associated carboxyeasterase isozymes, developed Enzyme based immunodiagnostics tools to identify resistant insects from the field population and for quality assessment of organic insecticides. • contributed in Sequencing and Characterization of bt toxin - cry1ac receptor Gene (apn1) in insect strains and studied its interaction with its ligand at molecular level to understand the bt resistance mechanism to design the resistance management strategies. • sequenced major portion of the mt genome. based on the Genomics information we have proposed cytochrome oxidase i Gene (coi) based novel Molecular Diagnostics tool ‘co i fingerprinting’ to distinguish between different strains of helicoverpa and their geographical distribution. Publications: • kranthi s, kranthi kr, bharose aa, syed sn, patil ek and mayee cd. 2006. comparison of partial coi sequences of two helicoverpa (noctuidae: lepidoptera) species in india. indian j. Biotechnology 5:195-199. • kranthi s, kranthi kr, bharose aa and syed sn. 2005. PCR-rflp based method for differentiating two species of helicoverpa. current science 89 (8) 1322-1323.

  • Senior System Administrator

    June 1999 --- March 2001
    looked after the complete isp setup, network security, Linux based server administration, office administration, etc.


Self Assessment :
CollaborationCommunicativeCompetitivenessCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCuriosityCoordinationDependabilityFlexibilityStrivingInnovative thinkingDiligenceInterest in knowledge


Self Assessment :
Animal models Biochemistry Cell biology R&D Scientific writingAntibodiesAssay developmentCancer ResearchInflammationMolecular DiagnosticsPatentsTranslational ResearchTechnology DevelopmentPreclinical ResearchMedical Device R&D
LinkedIn Assessment :
Flow CytometryImmunologyAnimal ModelsELISACellMedical DevicesBiochemistrymolecular biologyCellular ImagingMammalian Cell CultureCancer ResearchBone Marrow TransplantationCell SignalingScientific WritingBioinformaticsTechnology Product DevelopmentStem cell researchCancerConfocal MicroscopyWestern BlottingCell CultureBiotechnologyRT-PCRCell biologyPCRImmunohistochemistryDNAIn VivoFluorescence MicroscopyGenomicsProtein ExpressionscienceSequencingLaboratoryIn VitroMolecular CloningTransfectionProtein PurificationImmunofluorescence


  • PhD in Molecular Immunology, Molecular Medicine from Hannover Medical School (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover) in 2009
  • MSc in Biochemistry from Nagpur University in 2002


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Frankfurt, Germany


Driving License
  • No

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