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Molecular Biologist, Entrepreneur, sailor and skier

seeking Career opportunities mainly in:


Current Experience

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Since August 2015
    at the institute of molecular Life Sciences. tasks include: • lead Research on regulation of Cell death and Cancer therapy • team management, Planning, Coaching At the Institute of Molecular Life Sciences. Tasks include: • Lead research on regulation of cell death and cancer therapy • Team management, planning, coaching

  • Founding Partner

    Since February 2013
    i and partners found this company based on our Research projects and financial connections. our business constants two parts: 1) Product Development of 'light-induced Protein production kit' 2)advisory to pe/vc firms (e.g. alpha associates, vc bank) in biotech Investments in zurich area and Analysis for swiss biotech firms to attract asia located buyers I and partners found this company based on our research projects and financial connections. Our business constants two parts: 1) product development of 'Light-induced protein production kit' 2)Advisory to PE/VC firms (e.g. Alpha Associates, VC Bank) in biotech investments in Zurich area and analysis for Swiss biotech firms to attract Asia located buyers

Past Experience

  • Doctoral Researcher

    February 2012 --- April 2015
    i finished my doctoral study in the phd programm in molecular Life Sciences, that is a joint phd programm of the University of zurich and the eth. Supervisor: prof. dr. michael hengartner, institute of molecular Life Sciences, University of zurich Research topic: regulation of programmed Cell death and Cancer therapy

  • Project Manager and Vice President

    February 2010 --- March 2014
    the chinese association of life science in switzerland is an association of around 450 switzerland located chinese professionals who work in Pharmaceutical, bio-tec or bio-med industry or academy. my tasks were coordinating and promoting sino-swiss academy and industrial connection in Life Sciences; and large event organization

  • Research Assistant

    August 2008 --- April 2009
    founded in december 2005 as part of a strategic government initiative, the national institute of Biological Sciences, beijing (nibs, beijing) has now attracted more than 500 scientists working on a variety of life science-related areas and became the most indetified in Life Sciences in china. i worked here with other two phd researchers together tightly on the regulation of endocytic sorting and recycling. later we published our Discovery on plos Genetics.

  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

    May 2007 --- June 2008
    this is a joint position from the natural Pharmaceutical (jinlin) co.,ltd. and the jilin University. i worked as Student assistant in the begining. in a few month i exceptionally led a project on the pharmacological effects of a novel natural compound. meantime i also contribited on other projects with cooperation. in the end i sucessfully published four Research papers, including one as first author. becauseof the extraordinary academic achievement, i was awarded in title of star of academy of the jilin University.


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingProblem solvingCommunicativeFlexibilityIndependenceResult OrientedResponsibilityOrganization


LinkedIn Assessment :
Cell biologyMicroscopymolecular biologyProtein ExpressionFluorescence MicroscopyCell CultureC.elegans geneticsNext-Generation SequencingWestern BlottingConfocal MicroscopyMatlabBioinformaticsProject ManagementBiotechnologyscience

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Molecular Diagnostics Technology research Use a confocal microscopy Write protocolsAssist with site trainingBiomarker ResearchCell cultureCommunicate effectively on different company levelsConduct animal studiesInteract with CROsLiaise with research teamlifescienceManage research projectsManufacture of GMP batchesManuscript reviewNegotiate budget People managementPrepare manuscriptPresent clinical resultsproject managementR&DSet up a clinical studyTeachingTeach university studentsWritten presentation


  • Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Molecular Life Sciences from ETH / University of Zurich in 2015
  • in International Biology Undergraduate Summer School from ETH / University of Zurich in 2009
  • Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Jilin University in 2009

Training and Certification

  • PhD in 2015 Training
  • Languages

    BrightOwl Assessment:
    Self Assessment:
    Full Proficiency
    Professional Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    4 weeks
  • Locations I am interested in:
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl freelancer
  • International:

Area / Region

Zürich, Switzerland


Driving License
  • Yes

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