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experienced Researcher at post doc level :

-Chemical Engineering, Process development (high t,p)

-Materials Science and Chemistry (synthesis, Testing, characterisation)

-heterogeneous catalysis (experimental investigation, microkinetic modelling)

also managing dissemination, Communication and exploitation activities of Research/project outcomes


Past Experience

  • Post Doc researcher

    March 2012 --- December 2014
    • participation in the eu fp7 ocmol project (oxidative coupling of methane followed by oligomerization to liquids, main activities in the framework of ocmol project (ugent was Coordinator): - experimental investigation and micro-kinetic modelling of ocm : manipulation of a test rig, dedicated to heterogeneous catalytic reactions (such as ocm), capable of measuring intrinsic kinetics and operating at temperatures that reach up to 900 0c and pressures up to 20 bar. investigation of the effect of catalytic bed and operation parameters (catalyst class, nature of diluent material, temperature, pressure, inlet methane to oxygen ratio, space time, feed dilution etc.) on catalyst performance. manipulation and development of a comprehensive micro-kinetic model, including catalyst descriptors that accounts for homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction steps in ocm. employment of the model for the assessment of large kinetic datasets acquired on different catalysts. interpretation of the effect of several parameters (temperature, pressure, volume-to-surface ratio etc.) on ocm performance by using the model. manipulation of an ocm global kinetic model, including pre-exponential factors and activation energies as model parameters and Validation with experimental datasets. . - provision of sub-project (sp) Leadership related to non-scientific/technologic activities of ocmol project : dissemination & Communication, Training activities and exploitation of outputs. also, responsible for the update of the ocmol website,, and the creation of the ocmol video. - compilation of deliverables (scientific and non-scientific), summaries of various sps and technical reports, giving Presentations at the regular ocmol meetings and administration activities. • Coaching students and junior scientists on heterogeneous catalysis Experimentation, modelling and simulation

  • scientific collaborator

    January 2011 --- June 2011
    participation in the intervalue project of south east europe for the valorization of R&D results of aristotle University of thessaloniki. valorization plans carried out by vaios alexiadis : - efficient electrochemical removal of nitrate and nitrite from low level nuclear wastewaters, - webgis server, - mapping & digitize of soil and land use maps, - efficient material for in-situ capture of carbon dioxide in hydrogen production process via methane steam reforming, - highly active and selective ni-nb-o mixed oxide catalysts for the efficient production of ethylene via ethane oxidative dehydrogenation, - bromate determination in water using chlorpromazine after correction of chlorinating agents and humic substances interference, - preparation and study of coagulation properties of innovative reagents and their Applications in environmental protection, - educating autistic children by using new technologies,


LinkedIn Assessment :
Chemical EngineeringMaterials ScienceChemistryCharacterizationFortranKinetic ModelingFundamental AnalysisAnalytical ChemistryRaman SpectroscopyScanning Electron MicroscopyX-ray Diffraction AnalysisPhysicsExperimental PhysicsTheoretical PhysicsCatalysisHeterogeneous CatalysisOxidesInorganic MaterialsCarbon NanotubesCarbonCatalystChemical SynthesisChemical Processing

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data Control data Guide students Interpret data Lab scale batches Report data Technology research Use a confocal microscopy Write papersAdjust methodsAdjust processes Adjust processes and methodsAdministrative supportAnalyse growth / improvement potentialAnalyze data/information to determine potential relationships.Archive documentationAssess quality process issuesAssess business and scientific ethicsAssign activitiesAssist with experimentsAssist with proceduresAssist with routine testsAttend at steering committee meetingsAttend seminarsAttend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companyCalculate process efficiencyChemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) activitiesCoachCoach staffcollaborate in research projects at universitiesCollaborate with principal investigatorCollaborate with project teamCollect dataCommunicate effectively on different company levelsCommunicationConduct literature searchesConduct research at universitiesConduct studiesConduct university research coordinating research projectsDesign efficiency studyDesign database Design data collection systemsData validationCreates a collaborative team environmentCoordinationDesign IT solutionsDesign scientific experimentsDetermine availability of facilities and equipment at the siteDetermine statistical analysis Develop strong internal relationships with stakeholdersDirect co-workers to achieve resultEstablish professional relationships with partnersEvaluate physico-chemical data of lab scale/pilot scale batchesEvaluate physico-chemical dataEvaluate protocolsEvaluate stability data and impurity identification/synthesisExtrapolate dataExecute scientific projectsFollow up training programsFollow-up of external auditsGuide staffGuide studentsIdentify and provide training to trial team and associated staffIdentify risksImplement data collection systemInteract with computer specialistsInterpret analytical resultsInterpret dataInterpret research resultsInterpret scientific dataLead studiesLead teamsMaintain strong relationshipsManage laboratory proceduresManage multiple projectsManage projects resourcesManage research projectsmanaging a small teamManuscript preparationManuscript preparation and reviewManuscript reviewMonitor dataNegotiationNetworkOperate research equipmentOral presentationOrganise meetingsPeople managementPlan experimentsPilot scale batchesPrepare final reportPrepare manuscriptPresent data at congressproject managementProcure and prepare samplesProvide input to process improvement initiativesProvide support for scientific and/or technical projectsProvide trainingPublication of articlesPublish scientific projectsQuality control processR&DReport study conclusionsReport technical problemsResearch at universitiesResolves queriesReview data interpretationReview protocolsReview study protocolsReview the interpretation of dataSetup of research equipmentSolve problemsStatistical analysisSupervise PhD studentsSupervise data processingTeach university studentsTeachingTrain StaffUse laboratory techniquesValidate dataVerify dataWork cross-functionallyWork under specific instructionsWrite final reportsWrite statistical reportsWrite papersWritten presentation


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering - Materials Science from Panepistimion Patron in 2009
  • Master's Degree in Materials science and technology from Panepistimion Patron in 2007
  • Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Aristoteleion Panepistimion Thessalonikis in 2004

Training and Certification

  • Research assistant in 2009 Training
  • Languages

    BrightOwl Assessment:
    Self Assessment:
    Full Proficiency
    Elementary Proficiency

Area / Region

Ghent, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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