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- i have acquired scientific and transversal skills by working in different countries with several cultural backgrounds (india, united kingdom, germany and belgium). - rich soft skills such as inter-personality, Negotiation, project and human resource management and Team Building by Coaching students and team members. - good knowledge on writing scientific projects, reports, scientific articles and presenting scientific results in national and international conferences. - furthermore, i am able to lead projects either independently or as a part of a team. finally, i am flexible with working conditions and easily adaptable to quick changes in the work environment. - in my free time, i look forward to be involved in exploring different forms of art (music, painting, dance forms and drama), travel (i back packed across most of india and europe), cooking, yoga and meditation. - i enjoy organizing events like yoga retreats and cultural events for public, colleagues and friends. finally, i Volunteer for scientific Research organization like (fnrs-televie). skills - Cell biology techniques: Cell Culture (primary and immortalized cells), Transfection, lentiviral production and transduction, handling infectious agents in Laboratory of biosafety level 2 and 3. - Flow Cytometry techniques: Flow Cytometry (bd caliber, canto ii, cell sorter facsaria), cell cycle, apoptosis, phenotyping of pbmc, detection of rare circulating cells in blood using antigen labelling. - imagery techniques: Immunofluorescence (Confocal Microscopy (leica sp5), live cell imaging. - molecular biology techniques: Bacterial Transformation, plasmid amplification, cloning, nucleic acids Purification, rt-PCR/rt-qPCR, Immunoprecipitation, Protein Analysis, westernblots. - handling animals for Research: human tumor xenograft and orthotopic mouse models. - isolation and Characterization of ctc in Cancer patients: FDA approved cellsearch, screencell, deparray.


Current Experience

  • Postdoctoral fellow

    Since June 2017

Past Experience

  • Doctoral Researcher

    October 2012 --- January 2017
    • showed inactivation of DNA damage repair pathways provides additional efficacy to the Treatment of thyroid Cancer • reported circulating tumor cells (ctc) could be used as Diagnostic and prognostic blood Biomarker in detecting early relapse of thyroid Cancer

  • Research Assistant

    February 2011 --- September 2012
    • showed valproate enhanced sensitivity to doxorubicin Treatment in malignant pleural mesothelioma • confirmed antigen based ctc detection method had poor sensitivity in stage 1-3 non-small Cell lung Cancer

  • Research Assistant

    April 2010 --- January 2011
    • established an orthotropic lung Cancer model to evaluate the radiation effect on microenviroment of tumors • contributed to improve radiobiological methods and imaging techniques for a better diagnosis of various cancers

  • Intern

    January 2009 --- November 2009
    i have performed my master thesis entitled "curcumin ameliorates oxaliplatin-induced chemoresistance in hct116 colorectal Cancer cells In Vitro and In Vivo". i have acquired Cell biology and molecular biology techniques. i was co-author for the above article published in international journal of Cancer


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingApproachabilityAttention to detailAuthenticityCollaborationCharmCommunicativeCompetitivenessCoordinationCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCuriosityDependabilityEfficiencyFlexibilityIndependenceInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismOrganizationOrientationPerspectiveProactivityProblem solvingResiliencyResponsibilitySelf-confidenceSelf-disciplineService orientedSociabilityStrategic thinkingStrivingTrustWillingness to compromise


Self Assessment :
Animal models Biostatistics Cell biology Negotiation R&D Scientific writingAngiogenesisAnimal HealthAnimal trialBiologyBiomarkersBiomedical SciencesBiopharmaceuticalsBiotechnologieBusiness DevelopmentCancerCancer ResearchCell Based AssaysCell biologyCell CultureCell SignalingClinical trial designClinical trial managementClinical trialsCommunication SkillsCommercializationConfocal MicroscopyDNADNA extractionDrug DeliveryELISAEnglishEntrepreneurshipEnzyme AssaysFACSFlow CytometryGel ElectrophoresisHealthcare industryImmunocytochemistry (ICC)ImmunofluorescenceImmunoprecipitationIn VitroIn vitro diagnostics (IVD)In VivoLife SciencesMammalian Cell CultureMolecular & Cellular Biologymolecular biologyMolecular CloningMolecular DiagnosticsOncology Clinical ResearchPCRpeople managementPharmaceutical IndustryPharmaceutical salesProblem-solving methods and troubleshootingProject ManagementQualificationqPCRQuality Control (QC)Radiation oncologyrecombinant DNA technologyreal-time PCRResearchRNA isolationScientific WritingSDS-PAGEWestern Blotting
LinkedIn Assessment :
ResearchscienceEnglishStatisticsTeachingMicrosoft ExcelLaTeXmanagementFACS analysisReal-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR)Mammalian Cell CultureWestern BlottingELISABiotechnologyBiochemistryLife SciencesClinical researchScientific WritingVirologyConfocal MicroscopyAnimal ModelsCirculating Tumor Cell isolationa and characterizationResearch and Development (R&D)Tumor ImmunologyEpigeneticsScientific CommunicationsANOVAt-studentData AnalysisFlow Cytometry

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills


  • Doctor of Philosophy - PhD in Sciences Agronomiques et Ingénierie Biologique from University of Liège in 2017
  • Master's in Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology in Oncology and Cancer Biology from University of Leicester in 2010
  • Bachelor of Science - BSc in Biotechnology from Bangalore University in 2007


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Full Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
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Area / Region

Liège, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes

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