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i am a Senior Researcher at maastricht University in the netherlands and a visiting Research at utrecht University. i received my doctorate from the University of toronto in 2014, where i my dissertation focused on advancing methodologies for using large electronic Healthcare data in pharmacoepidemiology. currently, my primary Research interest focuses on using pharmacoepidemiologic methods to advance assessment of medication safety and effectiveness for chronic disease management; particularly, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, some cancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and gout. over the upcoming 5-years my Research line will aim to use innovative data linkages and analyses to assess the safety, effectiveness and costs of Biological and biosimilar agents to advance the Pharmaceutical management of chronic diseases. i co-lead the pharmacoepidemiology program within the Clinical Pharmacy and Toxicology department at the maastricht University medical centre+ with dr. frank de vries. in this role i am responsible for the management of phd students, course development, Teaching, and Grant Writing. i am currently funded by a canadian institutes of Health Research fellowship (2015-2017).


Current Experience

  • Post-doctoral Fellow

    The Netherlands
    Since January 2015

    my Research primarily uses the Clinical practice Research datalink (cprd; the worlds largest primary care database), with occasional use of the dutch pharmo data and the danish national population data. i focuses on conducting pharmacoepidemiologic studies, particularly examining drug-outcome relationships within chronic disease management (Diabetes, Osteoporosis, copd). in addition to my own Research, i am responsible for management of phd students, Grant Writing, and Teaching.

    My research primarily uses the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD; the worlds largest primary care database), with occasional use of the Dutch PHARMO data and the Danish National Population data. I focuses on conducting pharmacoepidemiologic studies, particularly examining drug-outcome relationships within chronic disease management (diabetes, osteoporosis, COPD). In addition to my own research, I am responsible for management of PhD students, grant writing, and teaching.

  • Visiting Researcher

    Since January 2015

Past Experience

  • Invigilator

    May 2007 --- December 2014
    responsible for the administration and monitoring of students writing tests and exams. students were registered with accessibility services at the University of toronto. in addition, as a senior invigilator, i was responsible for addressing Student concerns (medical and test related), adapting to anomalous situations, and upholding test integrity. additional tasks involved working with adaptive technology (jaws, kurzweil, audacity, zoomtext).

  • PhD student

    September 2009 --- November 2014
    i completed my phd under the supervision of dr. suzanne cadarette at the leslie dan faculty of Pharmacy in the University of toronto. my Research focused on pharmacoepidemiologic methods, particularly around how to best use electronic Pharmacy data to measure medication adherence to Osteoporosis medications. in particular, i specialized on detecting and correcting for exposure misclassification that can result from Data entry errors in the Pharmacy. in addition to papers directly related to my phd, i was also involved in conducting systematic reviews (Pharmacy practice, case-crossover design and time-series Analysis) and completing projects assessing uptake of new medications (biologics and generics), impact of Pharmacist-led interventions on smoking cessation, and also contributing to opinion papers. in total, i was involved in 12 Publications during my phd and i received >90,000 cnd in personal salary and travel grants.

  • Teacher Assistant

    September 2011 --- December 2012
    phm605 - critical appraisal course introduces literature evaluation at an advanced level. responsibilities included assisting with course development, calculation of Statistics for Student performance, holding office hours, and Teaching one lecture per year.

  • Teacher Assistant

    September 2010 --- December 2010
    phm122 - introduction to Statistics course introduced key Statistical tests, and students were taught to calculate basic Statistics. this was a core course for 240 Pharmacy students. responsibilities included conducting tutorials and grading.


Self Assessment :
Critical thinkingProblem solvingResponsibilityResult OrientedSelf-disciplineSociabilityStrategic thinkingOrganizationKindnessOptimismInterest in knowledgeIndependenceFlexibilityDependabilityCreative thinkingCollaboration


LinkedIn Assessment :
StatisticsResearchPharmacoepidemiologyDrug SafetyTeachingHealth Services ResearchMedication AdherenceQuantitative ResearchQualitative ResearchResearch DesignData AnalysisScientific WritingStem cell researchscienceLife SciencesLiterature ReviewsPharmaceutical PolicyTime Series AnalysisSAS programmingResearch MethodsEpidemiologyBiostatistics

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data Guide students Interpret data Search literature on clinical trials Write papersAdjust methodsAttend at steering committee meetingsAttend seminarscollaborate in research projects at universitiesCollect patient forms and questionnairesWrite statistical reportsWrite papersWrite final reportsWritten presentationWork collaboratively with the other members of the clinical research team Teach university studentsSupervise PhD studentsSupervise analysts and researchersStatistical analysisSolve problemsSet up research projectsReview study protocolsReview protocolsReview inclusion criteriaReview data interpretationReview dataResearch at universitiesRead medical literaturePublish scientific projectsPublication of articlesproject managementPresent data at congressPresent clinical resultsPreparing referral lettersPrepare manuscriptPlan work to meet objectives and deadlinesOrganise meetingsOral presentationObtain grantsObserve trends in dataNew indications of marketed drugNetworkManuscript preparation and reviewConduct literature searchesConduct research at universitiesConduct university research Design exclusion criteriaDesign inclusion criteriaDesign studiesDetermine statistical analysis Develop clinical hypotheses


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmacoepidemiology from University of Toronto in 2014
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Criminology from University of Toronto in 2008
  • BSc in Psychology from University of Toronto in 2007

Training and Certification

  • Problem Based Learning in 2017 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    2 weeks
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  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    1.0% FTE
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    Expert has 21 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

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  • Yes

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