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Five years post-PhD in cancer biology, PhD in cancer immunology. Solid experience in in vitro and in vivo discovery and validation of targets that play roles in immunology and tumorigenesis. Extensive experience in oncogenic signal transduction pathways and in cancer biomarker development. Broad experience in cellular, molecular and immunological techniques. Expert in handling large dataset and genomics tools


Current Experience

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Vienna, Austria
    Since December 2010

    • Involved in a systems level of genetic screen in Drosophila to identify evolutionary conserved tumor suppressor pathways. Identified of hundreds of novel candidate genes that functionally alter the growth and invasion of Ras-driven epithelial cancers
    • Established (in collaboration) the first conditional knockout mice for Tetraspanin-6 (Tspan6). Discovered that Tspan6 is a novel tumor suppressor in the mouse models of lung and pancreatic cancers. Discovered from in vitro assays that TSPAN6 suppresses Ras and EGFR pathways
    • Established the first conditional knockout mice for the Enhancer of Polycomb homolog 1 (Epc1). Further studies in Drosophila, in vitro cell-based assays and mouse models of colorectal and lung cancer identified Epc1 as a novel and potent tumor suppressor. Studying the roles of EPC1 in prognosis of human colon, lung and pancreatic cancer
    • In vitro studies to identify molecular mechanisms of little known function of EPC1 using genome-wide ChIP-sequencing, next generation RNA sequencing
    • Discovered for the first time the tumor suppressor function of Regucalcin (Rgn) in obesity induced hepatocellular carcinoma using conditional knockout mice. Studying the tumor suppressor functions of Rgn in genetic models of mouse hepatocellular carcinoma
    • Identified novel genes associated with resistance to radiation using haploid mouse embryonic stem cell technologies at the genome-wide level
    • Supervised four Bachelor, one Masters and one MD students and supervising a technician. Established and maintaining collaboration within our group members and with various national and international research groups in academia and industry including Boehringer Ingelheim Oncology

Past Experience

  • PhD student Leiden, Netherlands
    March 2005 --- September 2010

    • Studied how HPV infection and cervical cancer deregulate host’s innate and adaptive immunity
    • First to report the prognostic significance of PD-1, PD-L1, and PD-L2 in human cervical cancer (Clinical Cancer Research 2009)
    • Identified that CXCR7 expression predicts poor disease-free and disease-specific survival in cervical cancer patients (British Journal of Cancer 2012)
    • First to report how oncogenic HPV infection deregulates the innate immune signaling of infected keratinocytes at genome-wide level (PLoS One 2011)
    • Discovered how oncogenic HPV infection exploits cellular deubiquitinase/E3 ligase UCHL1 to suppress innate immunity of the hosts, thereby, causing persistent infection (PLoS Pathogens 2013) 
    • Supervised a Masters student and a technician 
    •  Established collaboration with various research groups


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  • Ph.D. in Cancer Immunology from Leiden University Medical Center in 2010


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Vienna, Austria


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