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i am a pleasant and curious postgraduate Student with a bsc in Biochemistry from the University of st. andrews and an MSc in Cancer Research from the University of leicester as well as experience in the Cancer Research industry. after deciding i want my Career to be in science i pursued my degrees and internships to identify where my interests lie. my curiosity strongly leans towards learning about cancer and working towards finding effective drugs for the Treatment of cancers.


Past Experience

  • MSc Dissertation Project

    January 2015 --- July 2015
    drug screening, Cancer Research project: evaluation of novel therapeutics in b-Cell malignancies. i chose this project due to my high interest in Cancer Research and Pharmaceutical discoveries. i performed drug screens on established and patient-derived Cell lines and identified promising novel compounds. these compounds were further followed up to indentify any synergism and their mechanism of action.

  • Final Year Project

    February 2014 --- May 2014
    Structural Biology, crystallography project: crystallization of virulence factor ns1 effector domain from influenza b Virus for the purpose of determining its structure. although this was not my first choice of project, it was the most scientifically diverse than anything i had done previsouly. i found crystallography fascinating from the beginning and i hope in the future to use the skills i learned as a crystallographer.

  • Intern

    July 2013 --- August 2013
    Pharmaceuticals, Cancer Research project - identify compounds which target deubiquitinating enzymes by gel Assays (various compounds in various Cell lines). i have a strong interest in Drug Development and the industry side of Cancer Research. in this internship i learned how to work with Pharmaceutical compounds, how to do probe and gel Assays and also consolidated my skills in Tissue Culture.

  • Intern

    August 2012 --- September 2012
    Genetics project: explored interaction between mouse and human insm2 Gene and interacting transcription factors in adult retina. in this internship funded by a scholarship from the Genetics society, i learned how to read and interpret Genetic code. i became proficient at running pcrs, designing primers, cloning, Sequencing and screening DNA code for mutation. i was interested in this internship as cancer is characterised by genetic anomalies and the skills that i learned here could be relevant in the Cancer Research industry as well.

  • Intern

    June 2012 --- July 2012
    Cancer Research project - explored interaction between Transcription factor e2f1 and novel interaction Partner in Mammalian cells. my first internship with the oncology department involved Tissue Culture which i had not done previously. i learned how to transfect, how to harvest, to do Immunoprecipitation pull downs and my favourites - Immunofluorescence pictures. this is when my interest in Cancer Research really started.

  • Intern

    July 2011 --- August 2011
    membrane Protein Purification project - expression and purification of trpv5 in complex with interacting protein partners. in this internship i became proficient at transformations and small and large scale expression for Protein Purification. this internship helped me decide that Laboratory work is a Career path i want to follow.


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Pharmaceutical ResearchPrimary CellsLymphomaFACS analysisCancer ResearchMolecular & Cellular BiologyProtein ExpressionStructural BiologyProtein PurificationX-ray crystallographyGeneticsImmunoprecipitationImmunofluorescenceWestern BlottingTissue CultureBaking


  • MSc Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology in Oncology and Cancer Biology from University of Leicester in 2015
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biochemistry from University of St. Andrews in 2014

Area / Region

Leicester, United Kingdom


Driving License
  • Yes

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