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Highly motivated and enthusiastic inflammation research scientist with a strong focus on therapeutic strategies. -Extensive knowledge in inflammatory cells, both in cardiovascular diseases but also in cancer research (Flow cytometry). -Skills in the study of cardiovascular physiology through mice models of cardiovascular diseases. -Strong background in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of post-ischemic angiogenesis and the techniques to study them (cell culture, Microscopy, Immuno-histochimestry, PCR, western blot, ELISA). -Extensive experience in writing grants and papers in peer-reviewed journals -Ability to present posters and oral communications to national and international congresses -Collaborating with international teams -Teaching and training students.


Current Experience

  • Post-Doc
    Since December 2010
    Therapeutic angiogenesis in cardiovascular diseases. Key areas of research -I am currently investigating the role of inflammation and miRNAs in myocardial infarction. -I have achieved to set-up a new method to increase the therapeutic potential of cell therapy in peripheric artery disease. Technical skills -Flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy -in vivo experiments: surgical procedures: mice models of myocardial infarction and critical limb ischemia, bone-marrow transplantation, intravenous and intraperitoneal injections -cell culture: human mesenchymal stem cells, endothelial progenitor cells, mononuclear cells (monocytes, macrophages)

Past Experience

  • PhD Candidate
    November 2006 --- September 2010
    PhD in oncology with a strong focus on tumor escape mechanisms and set-up of new therapeutic strategies. Technical skills: -in vitro experiments: cell culture, tumor cell line, proliferation assays, ELISA. -Flow cytometry, confocal microscopy

  • Intern
    March 2006 --- August 2006
    Substrates synthesis allowing the detection of metalloproteases in tumors. Technical skills: -chemical peptide synthesis, HPLC, LC-MS -enzyme reactions

  • Intern
    June 2005 --- August 2005
    Host-Pathogens interactions in meningitis. Technical skills: -cell culture, bacteria growth -confocal microscopy, ELISA


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mice experimentsFlow CytometryCell CulturePCRWestern BlottingELISAConfocal MicroscopyFluorescence MicroscopyOptical MicroscopyCell biologymolecular biology


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Oncology Immunology from University Paris 7 in 2010
  • Bio-Engeneer in Biology, General from AgroParisTech - Institut des sciences et industries du vivant et de l'environnement in 2006
  • National Entrance exams for the selective "Grandes Ecoles" in Biology/Biological Sciences, General from Lycée Masséna, NICE in 2003

Training and Certification

  • Animal experiments certificate level I Certification

Area / Region

Paris, France


Driving License
  • No