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During my career I developed a strong interest in (the valorization of) life sciences and project management. Upon obtaining my bio-engineering degree and my PhD in biology, I continued working at the KU Leuven as postdoctoral researcher and project manager. Ten years of research resulted in profound expertise in yeast and biofilm research, experimental design, data analysis and scientific writing. Over the years, I successfully coached several (PhD) students, lab technicians and postdocs. By coordinating several (inter)national and multidisciplinary projects, including a European FP7 project involving 10 academic and industrial partners, I developed strong project management and communication skills. Next to obtaining the certificate of business administration at HUB-EHSAL , I also followed several courses involving the valorization of science, such as the Entrepreneurship and Business Planning in Health/Life Sciences course at the Skema business school, to broaden my horizon. Currenly, I am looking forward to a new challenge.


Current Experience

  • Project Management
    Since October 2011
    Project coordinator of British Council project ‘International university partnership for establishment of postgraduate programmes in Ethiopia’, North-East and Central cluster (May 2016- present, GroepT, KU Leuven) • BC Tender, 2015-2017, 1.9 million euro, 8 Ethiopian universities • Multicultural project • Aim: Improve quality and relevance of postgraduate teaching in several engineering and technology disciplines, enabling Ethiopia to provide its own engineers on a sustainable basis. • Follow-up of project progress, problem solving, negotiations with stakeholders, writing amendment, preparation and coordination of meetings, reporting to British Council Project management COATIM (January 2012 - December 2015, CMPG-PFI, KU Leuven) • FP7 project, EU, 2012-2015, 3 million euro • European, multidisciplinary research team (5 universities and 5 SMEs, 7 countries, 21 persons) • Aim: development of antibiofilm coatings for implants • Coordination of COATIM: follow-up of progress, problem solving, negotiations with partners, preparation and coordination of meetings (agenda, timing, minutes), construction and updating of website ( (Plone), reporting (deliverables and periodic reports) to EU officer, writing of amendment, organization of final workshop, use of EMDesk: specialized management software for EU research projects • Research focusing on inhibition of fungal biofilms Project management Flabicoat (2011 – 2013, CMPG-PFI, KU Leuven) • Knowledge platform, Industrial research fund, KU Leuven, 2011-2015, 800 000 euro • Multidisciplinary research team (3 KU Leuven labs, 13 persons) • Aim: Development of the next generation of multifunctional dental implants • Follow-up progress different partners, preparation of meetings, reporting • Research focusing on inhibition of fungal biofilms using combination therapy

  • Wetenschappelijk medewerker
    Since March 2011
    • Research focus: prevention and eradication of Candida albicans biofilm formation • Design, performance and supervision of experiments (Biosafety level 2) such as antifungal and antibiofilm assays, toxicity testing using nematodes, protein production in P. pastoris,… • Used micro-organisms: C. albicans, C. glabrata, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Pichia pastoris • Writing of research proposals (Horizon 2020, Fonds wetenschappelijk onderzoek (FWO), Onderzoekstoelagen KU Leuven) • Supervision of lab technicians, master and PhD students and junior postdocs • Collaborations with different industrial partners • Jury member in master and PhD defenses • Active participation (poster and/or oral presentation) at various international conferences and courses - Grants obtained to attend conferences: FEBS Youth travel fund (France, 2013, poster presentation) and FWO travel grant (Czech Republic, 2015, oral presentation)

Past Experience

  • PhD student
    October 2006 --- February 2011
    Topic: Characterization of the cAMP-PKA-pathway in Candida glabrata Promotor: Prof. P. Van Dijck Lab: Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology, Faculty of Biology, KU Leuven Department of Molecular Microbiology, VIB Funding : IWT-fellowship (Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology) • Introducing and optimizing C. glabrata research in the lab • Design and performance of experiments (Biosafety level 2): PCR, gDNA extraction, cloning, transformations, making of deletion strains, Southern blots, cAMP and trehalose measurements, yeast-two-hybrid,… • Used micro-organisms: C. glabrata, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Escherichia coli • Research, data analysis and project management regarding nutrient sensing in the yeast Candida glabrata • Supevision of four students • Active participation (poster and/or oral presentation) at various international conferences and courses - Grants obtained to attend conferences/courses: FEBS grant (FEBS, Spain, 2009) and ASM student travel grant (USA, 2010, oral presentation) • Research abroad: Lab of Prof. Kuchler (Medical University Vienna, Austria, 2007, 3 weeks) and Lab of Prof. Warn (University of Manchester, UK, 2008, 2 weeks) • Co-organizer of first edition of VIBES in Biosciences (International VIB PhD student symposium, 2008). - Two-day international symposium in Ghent organized by PhD students for PhD students to broaden their view beyond their PhD in biosciences. Program included both scientific and social events.


Self Assessment :
CollaborationCritical thinkingCoordinationProactivityProblem solving


Self Assessment :
Biochemistry Cell biology Lab scale batches R&D Scientific writingAssay developmentBacteriologyBiotechnologyCoachingProject ManagementProject Coordination
LinkedIn Assessment :
molecular biologyScientific WritingBiochemistryPCRCell biologyMicroscopyGeneticsMicrobiologyYeast

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Create SOPs Develop protocols Guide students Lab scale batchesAdjust processes and methodsAttend steering committeeCoachcollaborate in research projects at universitiesConduct research at universitiesCoordinate projectscoordinating research projectsManage research projectsmanaging a small teamManuscript preparation and reviewOrganise steering committeeOrganise meetingsPeople management


  • in Business administration from HUB-EHSAL in 2012
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biology from University of Leuven in 2011
  • Master’s Degree in Bioscience engineering, Cel and gene biotechnology from University of Leuven in 2006


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Professional Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Locations I am interested in:
    Brussels, Belgium Flemish Brabant, Belgium Leuven, Belgium Waals-Brabant, Belgium
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Area / Region

Hamme-Mille, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes