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Experienced Postdoctoral Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in Biotechnology. I am skilled in Recombinant protein production, Molecular Biology and Glycobiology. My main focus lies in host-strain engineering, expression optimization and downstream processing (protein purification and characterization) for the production of therapeutics. I am a research professional with a strong drive to learn and integrate new technologies, eager to take on new challenges.


Current Experience

  • Post-doctoral researcher Ghent, Belgium
    Since May 2016
    My current project builds on the expertise we gained during my doctoral work. Using the technology we have developed we now have a set of biologicals ready for testing in a number of relevant models for disease. We are also pushing the development of a novel platform for N-glycan engineering (Pichia GlycoDelete) towards commercial development. Aside from the day-to-day operation, I am responsible for collaborations with industry and academia, taking on projects for Pichia strain-development and protein production.

  • Wetenschappelijk medewerker
    Since May 2016
    Our team is focussed on engineering Pichia pastoris to develop new tools that allow the production of high value biomolecules. My personal project aims for maturing the N-glycosylation engineering technology in Pichia and move this towards therapeutic applications. In parallel, we are also developing the GlycoDelete-technology to generate novel glycoproteins. In addition, we engage projects in collaboration with academic partners and we perform research in collaboration with industry. Areas of expertise: Protein engineering Yeast Biotechnology Recombinant protein production Downstream processing N-glycosylation engineering (GlycoSwitch, GlycoDelete) Mammalian Cell culture In vivo work

Past Experience

  • Doctoral Researcher Ghent, Belgium
    January 2010 --- May 2016
    My project encompasses N-glycosylation engineering of Pichia pastoris for the production of recombinant proteins with human-like N-glycans (i.e the Glycoswitch platform and beyond). We also develop new tools to obtain highly pure glycoforms of the respective recombinant molecules. The combination of both technologies allows to produce specific N-glycoforms of biomedically relevant cytokines.These are studied for their therapeutic potential in order to find new innovative approaches in the treatment of disease. In parallel to my doctoral work, I have successfully engaged several projects in collaboration with different partners in academia and industry, performing both consulting and contract research.


Self Assessment :
Problem solvingSelf-confidenceFlexibilityAdaptabilityOrganizationDiligenceCollaborationIndependenceEfficiencyResiliencyStrategic thinkingInterest in knowledgeStrivingPerspectiveAnalytical thinkingInnovative thinkingOptimismAssertivenessCoordination


Self Assessment :
BiotechnologyBiologicsBiopharmaceuticalsKnowledge of the drug development processR&DWestern BlottingMicrosoft OfficeMicroscopyIn VivoIn VitroGood Laboratory Practice (GLP)GermanEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)EnglishELISAMolecular CloningUnderstand how results translate to practicemolecular biologyStrategic PlanningSDS-PAGEScientific WritingRT-PCRQuantitative PCR (qPCR)Pre-clinical researchPCRNegotiationDNA sequencingCell CultureBiochemistryAnimal trial Scientific writing R&D Lab scale batches Biochemistry
LinkedIn Assessment :
Protein PurificationBiochemistryGlycobiologyrecombinant DNA technologyProtein Productionmolecular biologyCell CultureProtein EngineeringYeastIn VivoCell biologyCellLife SciencesBiotechnologyCloningProtein ExpressionImmunologyPCRWestern BlottingMouse HandlingMammalian Cell Culture

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analyze dataManuscript preparation and reviewNegotiationNetworkOral presentationOrganise meetingsProvide trainingReport dataResearch at universitiesSolve problemsSupervise techniciansTrain on site staffManuscript preparationManufacture of non-GMP batchesmanaging a small team Develop protocols Guide students Interpret data Lab scale batches Report data Write papersAnalyze dataAnalyze proteinAttend seminarsCollaborate with project teamdrafting grant applicationsWrite papersExecute scientific projects


  • Doctor in sciences: Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Ghent University in 2016
  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Ghent University in 2016
  • Master in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Ghent University-Ugent in 2009
  • Bachelor in Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Ghent University-Ugent in 2007
  • in Wiskunde Wetenschappen from Sint-Lodewijkscollege in 2004
  • Master Thesis in from Universität Ulm in 0

Training and Certification

  • Felasa C in 2010 Certification


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Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    12 weeks
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    Permanent position :    100% FTE
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Area / Region

Gent, Ghent, Belgium


Driving License
  • Yes