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Postdoc in research for health, working in malaria biology at KEMRI-Wellcoe Trust Research programme. Expertise in molecular biology, parasitology and immunology, genomics and transcriptomics, statistical analysis and big data analysis.


Current Experience

  • Early career post doctoral researcher
    Since September 2015
    Designing, planning and executing scientific experiments, writing research protocols, generating and analysing genomic and transcriptomic sequence data, writing reports, preparing and giving presentations in local and international conferences, coordinating journal clubs, training and supervising research assistants, preparing manuscripts for peer reviewed journals.

Past Experience

  • PhD student
    April 2010 --- August 2015
    Studied the molecular biology of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum, specifically sequence diversity and gene expression profiling of two multi gene families, rif and stevor. Key roles were designing and running experiments, generating and analysing genomic and transcriptomic data, writing reports, preparing and giving presentations and journal discussion, and thesis writing. Hands on experience in malaria parasite and mammalian cell cultures, molecular biology techniques including PCR, bacterial genetic manipulation, malaria parasite transfection, sequencing, western and northern blotting.

  • Research Assistant, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department
    June 2008 --- June 2009
    General molecular biology, PCR, cloning, bacterial cell culturing and trypanosome culturing. Generating transgenic trypanosome parasites that express green fluorescent protein. Basic sequence analysis including multiple sequence alignments and sequence assemblies in BioEdit.


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Skills and Expertise

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Molecular techniques


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biosciences from The Open University in 2015
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology from Kenyatta University in 2008


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