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professional experience: - extensive Mass Spectrometry expertise, concerning method development and Validation in the field of Small molecules and residue Analysis (thyreostats, steroids, Veterinary drugs, bile acids, Pharmaceuticals, perfluorinated compounds, DNA adducts etc.) - active involvement in different Research topics: marine toxins, fecal metabolites, boar taint, bile acids, relation between meat consumption and DNA adduct formation etc. - current Research topic: metabolomic fingerprinting of the human gut Phenotype in Health and disease. - substitute department head of Lab. chemical Analysis - managing role within the accreditation system of the Lab.(belac (066-test), according to iso17025) - Teaching experience (Analytical Chemistry, chemical dangers) at ghent University (in 1st bachelor and 3rd master) specialties: - uhplc en LC-MS (ion trap, triple quadrupole, orbitrap, qqtof) experience, method development and Validation - high resolution-accurate mass Analysis - detection of residues in various matrices (urine, feed, feces, sediment samples etc.) - use of GC-MS - application of static In Vitro digestion model - experience for cultivating human Cell line cultures (ht-29, caco-2) - atnc (apparent total n-nitroscompound) Analysis - UV and elsd-based detection


Current Experience

  • Doctor assistent

    Since March 2011

Past Experience

  • PhD student

    March 2007 --- March 2011
    phd granted by ghent University at the department of Veterinary Public Health & Food Safety, Laboratory of chemical Analysis on the project: 'analytical approaches to unravel the semi-endogenous status of thiouracil'.

  • Junior researcher

    December 2005 --- February 2007
    was part of the team dedicated to the hla-antigen project, designed for the new technology platform “4-mattm”. my main task within the team was to design, test and improve a new science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol for the Purification of hla Antibodies, and performing the necessary Quality Control routines. the Research, mainly based on a trial and error improvement cycle, consisted out of a wide range of Analytical techniques.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Analytical ChemistryGC-MSChemistryMethod developmentLaboratoryMass SpectrometryLC-MSBiochemistryProtein PurificationResearchIn Vitroscience


  • With Honors in Master In Biomedical Sciences from Ghent University in 2005

Area / Region

Beernem, Belgium


Driving License
  • No

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