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in previous positions i have had use of my ability to proactively create sustainable efficiency; accomplished through focusing on details as well as the whole picture. to reach the main goal i continuously evaluate ongoing processes and partial goals. another strength is my ability to build texts and stories. i have much experience in collecting, evaluating and communicating information, both in oral and written form. with ease i connect different subject areas and i am a good team player, well aware about the fact that processes most often involve people. people are interesting! looking for opportunities in the fields of Project Management, Medical writing, Research and development.


Current Experience

  • Process Technician

    Since January 2016

Past Experience

  • Process Technician

    March 2015 --- December 2015
    involved in GMP-regulated Purification of recombinant human coagulation factor viii.

  • .

    January 2008 --- January 2015
    during this period i wrote six novels. some of them have ingredients of popular science and all contain mysteries to be solved; psychological and external. i am still in the process of writing.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    January 2009 --- January 2011
    initiated a study with the aim to find new drug resistance mechanisms of breast tumour cells by combining studies of drug-induced cell death and division with Mass Spectrometry-based analysis of broad Protein Expression and pathway analysis. long-term goal was to find new subgroups of basal-like breast Cancer and Biomarkers enabling personalized Treatment. the work included construction of a Cell Culture Laboratory,extensive literature searches, budget Planning, writing grant Applications, experimental work and Data Analysis. major techniques used: Cell Culture: various types of breast Cancer cell lines experimental techniques: mtt-assay sample preparation for Mass Spectrometry data base search for protein identification and pathway analysis of Mass Spectrometry data

  • PhD position

    January 2003 --- January 2007
    studies on effects of DNA damage and kinase inhibition in lung Cancer cells resistant to conventional anti-Cancer Treatment. focus was directed towards cell cycle, mitotic catastrophe, kinase signalling (Protein kinase c, pi3-kinase and mek) and mechanisms of various types of cell death, mainly apoptosis. 2003 - 2007 phd students´ representative of the institute of environmental Medicine advisory board major techniques used: Cell Culture: various types of lung Cancer cell lines primary cultures of oral keratinocytes experimental techniques: quantitative rt-PCR Western blot Flow Cytometry Confocal Microscopy studies (Immunocytochemistry, nuclear morphology) mtt-assay sirna technique caspase activity Assays

  • Research Engineer

    March 2000 --- December 2000
    performed Research related to wastewater Treatment and took part in Teaching and developing a Training-course in Microbiology for Biotechnology students. major techniques used: Cell Culture: various types of Bacteria, including e-coli and denitrifying Bacteria experimental techniques: Microscopy studies (fish, morphology)


LinkedIn Assessment :
skriva populcell death mechanismsCellBiotechnologyCancer BiologyCell CultureLung CancerBreast CancerToxicologyProtein chemistryRT-PCRMicroscopyFlow CytometryAssay developmentProtein ExpressionMicrobiologyCell biologymolecular biologyWestern BlottingConfocal MicroscopyBiochemistry


  • in from läkemedelsakademin in 2014
  • PhD in Toxicology from Karolinska institutet in 2007
  • Fil. Mag. in Biology from Stockholms universitet in 2001

Area / Region

Stockholm, Sweden


Driving License
  • No

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