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As a future PhD in Biology, I am looking for a position in the scientific field


Current Experience

  • PhD Student
    Since January 2012
    Laboratory of Marine Ogranisms Biology and Biomimetism The aim of my PhD thesis is: "Instantaneous adhesion in sea cucumbers : morphological study of the different cellular types involved in this phenomenon and physico-chemical characterization of the adhesives proteins of Cuvierian tubules."

Past Experience

  • Research associate
    February 2011 --- December 2011

  • Volunteer collaborator
    December 2010 --- January 2011


LinkedIn Assessment :
Marine BiologyUnderwater adhesionElectron MicroscopyOptical Microscopymolecular biologyBiochemistryCharacterizationDNA extractionRNA isolationMicroscopyProtein chemistry


  • Master's degree in Organisms Biology and Ecology from UMONS in 2010
  • Secondary School in Mathematics-Science from Athenée Royal Renée Magritte in 2005

Area / Region

Deux-Acren, Lessines, Belgique


Driving License
  • Yes