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I am a Final Year PhD student at Lancaster University in Biomedical and Life sciences Department. I am currently looking for Postdoctoral positions in academia or industry. I am highly motivated and passionate researcher with three post graduate degrees and experience in the world recognized labs from both India and UK. My key interests are in the field of Cancer cell biology leading to translational research. I have a strong experience in the field of DNA replication and DNA damage response.I am hoping to contribute my knowledge and experience of a variety of techniques from these fields to the advancement of cancer biology research.


Current Experience

  • PhD student
    Since October 2013
    PhD synopsis: Using a mouse fibroblast model synchronized by contact inhibition and serum starvation, and combination of siRNA mediated depletion of cyclins and chemical inhibition of CDK activity at restriction point we have monitored replication complex assembly in vivo and in vitro. Successfully developed and analyzed cell free mediated DNA replication assay with G1 nuclei and cyclin depleted nuclei. S phase extract when supplemented with nuclei can initiate DNA replication, however, when cyclin E depleted nuclei failed to initiate DNA replication even in presence of S phase extract. These contrasts with Cyclin A depleted nuclei that show a reduction in pre-RC proteins Cdc6 and Mcm2 loading on chromatin that can be reversed by addition of S-phase cytosolic extracts, recapitulating initiation of DNA replication. This data suggests that sustained cyclin activity is required to maintain pre-RC protein levels and facilitate initiation of DNA replication and G1/S transition.

  • Laboratory Demonstrator
    Since January 2013

Past Experience

  • Postgraduate Research Student
    October 2012 --- September 2013
    MRes Genetics/ Molecular Cell Biology Thesis title: Investigation of relationship between DEF-6 and mRNA translation in T-cells

  • Junior Research Fellow
    February 2012 --- September 2012
    DNA-Protein Interactions using Atomic Force Microscopy: I was involved in the development of protocol to visualize DNA and Protein interaction under Atomic force microscopy. During my time at TIFR Mumbai, I successfully developed protocol to visualize Linear and circular plasmid DNA under liquid and semi solid conditions of atomic force microscopy. I was successful in introducing a DNA binding protein (RPA) with linear Plasmid DNA and image it under liquid conditions in atomic force microscope. I was also involved in maintaining and documenting experiments within the Lab.

  • Project Trainee
    January 2011 --- July 2011
    ‘Heterologous Expression and Nuclear localization of DNA- Binding Proteins in Human and Drosophila cells’. During this project I had an opportunity to work with a rare Chromosome Binding Protein. My work involved cloning this protein in a GFP- Overexpression vector and transfecting it in human colorectal cancer cell line. Apart from cloning, to study nuclear localization of this protein Immunofluorescence assay was also performed on Drosophila cell line. In an Independent project on another DNA Binding Protein RNA Polymerase II was carried out. Inhibitor studies were performed on this protein; MTT assay and Immunofluorescence assay were performed to study effects of RNA Polymerase II inhibitors. Confocal Microscopy helped study Immunofluorescence assay. During this project, I had a rare opportunity to interact with a scientist from Sweden. This project helped me learning basic techniques including microbial techniques, PCR, Cloning, Electrophoresis, Polyacrylamide SDS Gel Electrophoresis, and Western Blot. Cell Culture techniques including Human, Mouse and Drosophila cells.


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingApproachabilityAssertivenessAttention to detailAdaptabilityCollaborationAuthenticityCompetitivenessCommunicativeCreative thinkingCritical thinkingDependabilityDiligenceEfficiencyFlexibilityIndependenceIndividualityInterest in knowledgeKindnessOptimismProblem solvingResult OrientedResponsibilitySelf-confidenceSelf-disciplineStrategic thinkingTrust


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Biochemistry Cell biology Lab scale batches Labtechnician Negotiation R&D Scientific writingActions and modes of action of drugs in the human speciesActions and modes of action of human physiologyAnalysisAnalytical methodsAnalytical Method ValidationAnalytical proceduresAnalytical techniquesAntibodiesApplicationsAssay developmentAutoclaveAseptic TechniquesBioanalysisBiochemistryBioinformaticsBiologyBiomarkersBiomedical SciencesBiotechnologieBiotechnologyC++CancerCancer ResearchCell Based AssaysCell biologyCell CultureCell EncapsulationCell SignalingChemistryChromatographyCommunication SkillsCompetitive AnalysisComputational BiologyConfocal MicroscopyData AnalysisDNADNA extractionDNA sequencingDrug InteractionDrug metabolismElectrophoresisELISAEndocrinology and metabolismEnglishEnzyme AssaysEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)FACSFlow CytometryFluorescence MicroscopyFunctional AnalysisGel ElectrophoresisGene therapyGeneticsGenomicsGrant PreparationGrant WritingImmunocytochemistry (ICC)ImmunoassaysImmunohistochemistryImmunofluorescenceImmunohistochemistry (IHC)ImmunologyImmunoprecipitationIn VitroIn vitro diagnostics (IVD)In VivoInflammationIt skillsLaboratoryLaboratory ResearchLaboratory SkillsLaboratory TechniquesLaTeXLC-MSLeadershipLife SciencesLinuxLiquid Chromatography-UV (LC-UV)Liquid chromatographyMammalian Cell CultureMicrobiological TechniquesMicroscopyMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerpointMicrosoft WordMicrosoft ProjectMolecular & Cellular BiologyMolecular Cloningmolecular biologyMolecular DiagnosticsWriting Study Procedures and SOPsWestern BlottingVerificationVaccinesValidationUnderstand how results translate to practiceTranslational ResearchTroubleshootingTranslational MedicineTranslationTransfectionTissue CultureTime ManagementT cellsStem CellsStem cell researchSterilizationSQLSPSSSpectroscopySDS-PAGEScientific WritingScientific CommunicationsscienceScientific methodologyRT-PCRRNA isolationResearchReport Writingrecombinant DNA technologyRandomization Systemsreal-time PCRRadiation oncologyQuantitative PCR (qPCR)Qualitative ResearchqPCRProteinsProtein PurificationProtein ExpressionPresentation SkillsPowerPointPhotoshopPerlPCRoncologyMetabolismMicrobiology
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Gel ElectrophoresisProtein ExpressionBioinformaticsMolecular CloningTissue CultureLife SciencesPolymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)BiologyscienceResearch and Development (R&D)ChemistryChromatographyGenomicsTeachingTeamworkmolecular biologyBiochemistryCell CultureWestern BlottingELISASDS-PAGEMicrobiologyLifesciencesHPLCProtein PurificationBiotechnologyConfocal MicroscopyPCRMicroscopyCell biology


  • Master's by Research (MRes) in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology from University of Nottingham in 2013
  • Master of Technology (M.Tech.) Integrated in Biotechnology and Bioinfomatics from Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil department of Biotechnology in 2011
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths from K. J. Somaiya Jr. College of Science and Commerce in 2006
  • in Secondary School Certificate from St. Lawrence High School, Vashi, Navi Mumbai in 2004

Training and Certification

  • Posters and Presentations in 2016 Training
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    Postdoctoral Research Fellow Postdoctoral fellow Lab Scientist Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Manager Laboratory Technician R&D Assistant R&D Scientist Research Assistant Research fellow Research associate Research Technician researcher Scientific Associate Scientific consultant Scientific Researcher Scientist
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    Cambridge, United Kingdom Glasgow, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Manchester, United Kingdom Oxford, United Kingdom
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    Permanent position :    100% FTE
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London, United Kingdom


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  • Yes