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pharmacist, PhD in Immunology , experienced in molecular biology and biotechnologies of recombinant proteins ( nanobodies cloning, expression and characterization), solid knowledge in protein analytical techniques
Searching for a job in which i can employ my current experience but also which gives the opportunity for further development of expertises.
Strong motivation, open minded and easily adapting to new circumstances.


Past Experience

  • Post-doctoral Research Fellow Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France
    December 2013 --- August 2017

    developping of Nanobodies targeting hemostasis proteins :

    • construction of Nanobody DNA libraries
    • screening by the technique of Phage-Display against coagulation proteins
    • cloning and expression of recombinant Nanobodies: bacterial expression systems (E.Coli and Brevibacillus), eukaryote expression systems (SF9)
    • study of Nanobodies effect in vitro (ELISA, Western-Blot, Octet, Chromogenic and fluorogenic assays, coagulometry assays ... etc) and in vivo (murine models)

  • PhD student Paris, France
    October 2009 --- April 2013

    PHD student, thesis: VHH against proteins of the human red cell membrane, innovative diagnostic applications of VHHs and conventional antibodies:

    • preparation of erythrocyte membrane proteins
    • screening of Nanobody DNA library against the Glycophorin A
    • cloning expression purification of recombinant nanobodies
    • developping of fast agglutination tests based on anti-GPA nanobodies
    • developping of Magnetic Beads Red Cell Capture for the detection of finny immunization against pathogens

  • 6 months fellowship Faculty of Pharmacy, Châtenay-Malabry, France
    March 2009 --- August 2009

    Development of analytical strategies of transthyretin mutated formes (responsable of familial amyloïde polyneuropathology) by capillary zone electrophoresis and RPLC

  • 6 months internship Clamart, France
    March 2008 --- August 2008

    - Production of recombinant TTR in mammal cells (Hela) for diagnsotic goals.
    - recombinant proteins and peptides' characterisation by LC- MS/MS)

  • Assistant Professor Latakia, Latakia Governorate, Syria
    September 2005 --- May 2006

    post-graduate assistant professor of practical works of microbiology (6 months) and galenic formulation  (1 year) at the faculty of Pharmacy of Tishreen University


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityCollaborationCommunicativeCreative thinkingCritical thinkingCuriosityEfficiencyIndependenceInterest in knowledgeOrganizationReaction to stressSelf-disciplineSociabilityTrust


Self Assessment :
Animal models Biochemistry Biostatistics R&D Scientific writingAnalytical methodsAntibodiesBacteriologyBioanalysisBiomedical SciencesBiotechnologyCell CultureChromatographyDNA extractionDNA sequencingDrug Safety and PharmacovigilanceDrug substancesElectrophoresisEnzyme AssaysEnzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)ExperimentationFlow CytometryGalenicsGel ElectrophoresisHematologyImmunoassaysImmunoprecipitationMicrobiologyMicrosoft Officemolecular biologyPCRPharmaceutical SciencesPharmacokineticsProtein chemistryProtein Purificationrecombinant DNA technology

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Construction of DNA libraries Phage Display; PCR; directed mutagenesis gene cloning; cell transformation; cell culture bacterial culture. protein-protein interactions : SPR (Biacore X100) LFI (Octet QK); SDS-Page Western blot; enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA); Nano LC-MS/MS proteins Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) Zone capillary electrophoresis (Z.C.E) Enzyme chromogenic and florigenic assays. Epitope mapping Analyze dataExpression of recombinant proteins: bacterial expression in different strains: E.coliBrevibacillus. Eukaryotic expression: human cells (Hela)insect cells (SF9). Chromatographic methods: IMACaffinity chromatographyRPLCSize exclusion chromatography (SEC)Ion exchange chromatography.Cell labellingflow cytometry; positive and negative agglutination assays; MBCC (Magnetic-Beads Cell Capture).Microsoft office: (ExcelwordPowerPoint). Protein and nucleic acid databases (Expasy)bibliographyPubmed. Prism GraphPad (statistical analysis)ApE (A plasmid editor)Oligo-6Photoshop basics.Experiment organization and planning results analysis protocols and reports redaction laboratory management team work Supervision and training of technicians and trainees.


  • Ph.D. in Immunology (Biochemistry) from Paris Diderot (Paris VII) in 2014
  • Master II in Biotechnology from Paris-Sud University in 2009
  • Master I in Cell Dynamics from Paris-Sud University in 2008
  • PharmD in Pharmacy from Faculty of Pharmacy, Tishreen university in 2004


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    Belgium Canada France Germany Ireland Norway Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States
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