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I am a Chemical Engineer with 5+ years of experience in Research and Development in Material Science, with a focus on self-healing materials. Currently finishing a PhD at TU Delft, I worked with and researched all key aspects concerning the correlation between structure, properties and processing of materials and nanomaterials. An expert in self-healing ceramic coatings for (aero)space applications, I possess the ability to conduct research autonomously and bring the conceptual idea to practice. Materials Science is my passion and I do this by being committed to deliver innovative solutions, through progressive engineering approaches. Curious by nature, I combine critical thinking with a willingness to learn and develop new technical skills, often in an interdisciplinary context. I have shown myself to be self-motivated and determined in achieving my goals. I am keen to continue my career in the industry. I am genuinely interested in project (management) and research roles that combine engineering, consultancy, science and R&D. More specifically, my ambition is to perform and add value in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment where I can use my strong analytical and experimental skills for the benefits of positive business outcomes. Functional expertise: - Research and Development - Materials science - Chemical engineering - Thermal barrier coatings - Self-healing ceramic coatings - High-temperature oxidation - Encapsulation via soft-chemical processing routes (i.e. sol-gel, precipitation, colloidal, hydrothermal) - Spark plasma sintering - Material characterization techniques (composition and microstructure) - Data analysis - Experiments design and optimization


Current Experience

  • PhD student
    Since April 2013
    PhD RESEARCHER, Self-Healing Thermal Barrier Coatings, FP7 EU Project: • Developed a patented method to produce healing particles for high-temperature ceramic coatings • Developed high-temperature oxidation experiments and encapsulation routes of healing particles via soft-chemical processing • Successfully designed self-healing ceramic composites, from data analysis to compositional and microstructural characterization • Coordinated projects, such as joint publications, bi-annual project reports and meetings; planned joint experiments TEACHING ASSISTANT, Materials Science and Engineering : • Supervised four (4) MSc. 2nd year students and their graduation projects • Taught practical sessions and seminars for 1st year MSc. students

Past Experience

  • Visiting Researcher
    September 2015 --- September 2015
    Under the umbrella of Self-Healing Thermal Barrier Coatings, FP7 EU Project: • Successfully designed self-healing thermal barrier coatings via Spark Plasma Sintering • Conducted thermal cycling experiments and microstructural characterization • Published results jointly in Journal Article

  • Teacher Assistant
    October 2010 --- June 2012
    •Taught practical sessions and seminars (2nd year Bachelor), inclusive of 1:1 consultations as needed

  • Junior researcher
    January 2010 --- August 2010
    R&D Department, White LED Project: • Designed calcium silicate based phosphors for LED devices, including compositional and microstructural characterization • Successfully improved the luminescent properties and quality control testing of the LED devices


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  • PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Delft University of Technology in 2017
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Composite Materials and Nanomaterials from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in 2012
  • in Japanese Language and Culture from Intercultural Institute of Japan in 2010
  • Bachelor of Engineering - BE in Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in 2009

Area / Region

Delft, Netherlands


Driving License
  • No