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I am a junior researcher in psychology focusing on attention. Currently, I am interested in autism, assessment and educational technology. I am involved in technology related projects in Finland and abroad.


Current Experience

  • researcher
    Since November 2012

    My responsibilities at the UEF, on top of my own research, have included several positions in different committees:

    • a board member of the UEF ethics committee
    • a board member of UEF LICC doctoral program
    • a board member of the UEF Doctoral Student Association
    • a member of the election committee for new assistant professors, lecturers, and teachers


    During my years at the UEF I have worked in several multidisciplinary research projects (e.g. CASACATE & IISS):

    • innovated/created new research topics and projects
    • presented research results nationally and internationally
    • created research networks nationally and internationally


    More concretely, I have had several job descriptions: 

    • I have created workshops
    • I have been organizing and developing a doctoral summer school programme
    • I have taken teaching responsibilities at the department of psychology
    • I have promoted mobility and transferable skills during PhD candidacy
    • I have managed websites and maintained research equipment (e.g. eye-tracking)
    • I have planned and carried out systematic data collection
    • I have executed data analysis During my spare time I have taken extra work
    • I am a reviewer in a science journal - I have worked as a tutor for PhD candidates
    • I have taken up a translation work of a psychological/neurological test battery


    Currently I am also conducting extra research in collaboration with with UEF and Beijing Normal University.


  • researcher
    Since November 2012

Past Experience

  • Counselor
    January 2009 --- January 2010

  • Research Assistant
    November 2008 --- March 2009

  • Research Trainee
    January 2008 --- January 2008

  • Counselor
    January 2008 --- January 2008

  • Teacher
    January 2007 --- January 2008

  • Storage worker
    January 2007 --- January 2007

  • Couselor/assistant
    January 2004 --- January 2005

  • Teacher assistant/Classroom assistant
    January 2003 --- January 2004

  • Storage worker
    November 2002 --- February 2003

  • Youth Worker
    January 2003 --- January 2003


Self Assessment :
Analytical thinkingCommunicativeCreative thinkingCritical thinkingDependabilityEfficiencyIndependenceInterest in knowledgeOptimismResiliencyStrategic thinkingStrivingTrust


LinkedIn Assessment :
ResearchscienceData AnalysisTeachingMicrosoft OfficePsychologyHigher EducationQualitative ResearchClinical researchStatisticsPublic SpeakingSPSSEnglishPersonal DevelopmentSocial MediaUniversity TeachingProblem SolvingConsultingProject ManagementPresenting SolutionsSelf-managementPedagogyInternational RelationsEducational TechnologyDigital MediaInnovation DevelopmentQuantitative ResearchMindfulnessmental coachingPositive PsychologyStrengths Development

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Interpret data Search literature on clinical trials Technology researchAdjust methodsAssess business and scientific ethicsAssess site feasibilityAssess product quality issuescollaborate in research projects at universitiesCommunicationConduct literature searches.Interact with statisticiansInterpret research resultsOral presentationPlan experimentsTeachingWork collaboratively with the other members of the clinical research team Written presentation


  • Master’s Degree in Clinical/Psycho/Neurolinguistics from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen / University of Groningen in 2012
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical/Psycho/Neurolinguistics from University of Joensuu in 2012
  • Master’s Degree in Clinical/Psycho/Neurolinguistics from Universität Potsdam in 2012
  • BSc in Psychology from The University of Glasgow in 2009


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    1 week
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  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position
    BrightOwl freelancer
    BrightOwl employee
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Area / Region

Helsinki, Finland


Driving License
  • Yes