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biotechnologist and phd in medical Genetics with over ten years experience in the Preclinical oncology research field. during my academic Career, i have learned a wide range of molecular and Cell biology techniques, and grown into an independent Researcher with theoretical and practical responsability for my research projects and collaborations. i have often been the main responsible person for most aspects of my studies from Planning, to experimental performance and problems-solving, evaluation of results, manuscript writing and publication. i am enthusiastic, highly motivated, multitasking and hard working with excellent Communication and organizational skills and ability to work independently and as a part of a team; i am always open to new challenges, eager to learn new things and improve my professional skills. in the last few years, i developed a great interest for clinical Drug Development and i am now looking for new opportunities in the Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology Industry. i started to obtain the necessary educational requirements following courses (e.g. research school for Drug Discovery and development organized by unit for bioentrepreneurship at karolinska) and taking part in an internship at the uppsala Clinical research center (ucr) in uppsala. i acquired a good knowledge and understanding of all the steps in Clinical trials (from study Planning, clinical science)" >Protocol development, document submission to authorities, site selection, initiation, monitoring and close-out visits, Clinical Trial reports etc.), became familiar with ich-gcp standards (i recently gained a ich-gcp certification) and now interested in possibilities to acquire on-field experience to become a qualified Clinical research assistant.


Current Experience

  • Clinical Research Intern (Clinical Trials Unit)

    Since January 2016

  • Postdoktoral forskare

    Since January 2014
    the focus of my current Research project is to understand the involvement of small rnas in the development/progression of cutaneous malignant melanoma (cmm) and their possible role in the acquired resistance to braf inhibitors. The focus of my current research project is to understand the involvement of small RNAs in the development/progression of cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) and their possible role in the acquired resistance to BRAF inhibitors.

Past Experience

  • Clinical Research Intern (Clinical Trials Unit)

    August 2015 --- October 2015
    the aim of my internship project at ucr was to identify and visualize processes related to Clinical trials as performed today at ucr. the purpose of the process mapping is to visualize in an efficient, effective and simplified way a particular process; this is a powerful tool which can help to gain a better understanding of the process, (highlighting all the main activity steps, inputs, outputs and decision points) and can lead to insights and changes for its improvement. during my internship i actively participated in meeting with project managers, monitors, responsible persons for Data Management, cea adjudication etc. and i was be able to gain a deep knowledge of all the necessary steps in a Clinical Trial and got familiar with all needed Documentation (e.g. crf, Clinical Trial science)" rel="nofollow">Protocol, documents to be submitted to authorities for study approval, documents for site selection and evaluation, aes reporting, Clinical Trial report).

  • Postdoktoral forskare

    January 2013 --- December 2013
    the aim of this Postdoctoral project (within an eu-fp7-Health grant consortium, acronym responsify) was to investigate the importance of mirnas as predictors targeted therapy (e.g. bevacizumab) and different chemotherapy regimens for breast Cancer Treatment in order to identify genome-based Biomarkers for developing molecular Diagnostic tests for response prediction in breast Cancer.

  • Postdoktoral forskare

    March 2012 --- December 2012
    continuation of phd studies aiming to investigate and understand the role of mirnas in the development and progression of human cancers (e.g. melanoma, lymphoma, adrenocortical carcinoma).

  • PhD Candidate

    January 2007 --- March 2012
    thesis: “Clinical and functional aspects of microrna regulation in human cancers”, supervised by prof. catharina larsson and dr. weng-onn lui

  • Forskare

    September 2006 --- December 2006
    i spent 3 months in the Laboratory of prof. andrew fire at stanford University working on small RNA Biology with the aim of acquiring knowledge and experience of small RNA Biology techniques, including cloning and Microarray-based methods. during the period in fire's Laboratory, i was actively involved in scientific discussion about technical problems, as well as advances in small RNA field.

  • Forskare

    January 2005 --- August 2006
    the focus of my work (funded by darpa - defense advanced Research projects agency) was on developing a new technique (branch migration assay) for short tandem repeat (str) Analysis with Applications in forensic science and Molecular Diagnostics.

  • Forskare

    January 2004 --- December 2004
    the project was focused on the molecular and cytogenetic Characterization of Cancer genes to better understand the mechanisms involved in the development and progression of different tumor types (e.g. gastrointestinal stromal tumors (gists), intestinal-type adenocarcinoma (itac) of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses and head and neck squamous Cell carcinomas (hnscc)).

  • Forskare

    May 2001 --- December 2003
    the aim of the project was to analyze the Gene expression profiling (using Microarray-based technology) of breast Cancer Cell lines in response to Treatment with fenretinide (4-hpr), a synthetic retinoid derivative. fenretinide has been investigated for potential use in the Treatment of Cancer and Phase III Clinical Trial data has suggested that can reduce breast Cancer relapse in pre-menopausal women. identification of deregulated genes upon Treatment with fenretinide could give a deeper understanding of the machanism of action of this drug.


LinkedIn Assessment :
Life SciencesCell CultureCell biologyCell Based AssaysMammalian Cell Culturemolecular biologyCancer ResearchMolecular geneticsPCRqRT-PCRMicroarrayClinical researchClinical trialsDrug DiscoveryWestern Blotting


  • Research school in Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) in from Karolinska institutet in 2015
  • PhD studies in Medical Genetics and Oncology from Karolinska institutet in 2012
  • B.Sc in Biotechnology (Score 108/110) in from Università degli Studi di Milano in 2001

Area / Region

Danderyd, Sweden


Driving License
  • No

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