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I am enthusiastic biochemist with a fresh Ph.D. degree in immunology and many soft-skills. My work is based on engineered anti-viral T cells with a tumor-specific TCR/CAR, used as immunotherapy of solid cancer in mice model. This included a series of immunoassays such as T cell manipulation or flow cytometry, molecular cell biology techniques, virus production, animal experiments and primary cell culture. Except the technical skills, I also had the chance to improve my communication, presentation and organizational skills by participating in difference conferences, retreats or different events. Other strengths are team work, self-motivation, flexibility and eagerness to self-improve.


Past Experience

  • PhD student
    February 2012 --- October 2015

    Ph.D. title: Redirecting oncolytic adenovirus-specific T cells by a tumor-specific T cell receptor for therapy of solid tumors

    Technical skills:

    ▪ Murine T-cell manipulation

    ▪ Spleen, blood and tumor lymphocytes isolation

    ▪ T-cell transduction

    ▪ ICS ▪ In-vivo/vitro models

    ▪ Establishment of different murine tumor models

    ▪ Immunotherapy, Virotherapy

    ▪ Cell culture, Primary cell culture

    ▪ Virus (Adenovirus, Retro and Lentivirus) manipulation

    ▪ Flow cytometry

    ▪ Molecular cell biology

  • Research internship Marburg, Germany
    October 2011 --- November 2011

    Internship in the regulation of the non-canonical NFkB pathway by Traf3 alternative splicing.

    Technical skills:

    ▪ Western blot

    ▪ Immunoprecipitation

    ▪ SDS-PAGE

    ▪ Cell culture

    ▪ rt-PCR, RT-PCR)

  • Intern Bucharest, Romania
    April 2011 --- September 2011

    Library organization

    Book purchasing

    Customer service

    News editing and event organization

  • Research internship Bucharest, Romania
    January 2011 --- May 2011

    ▪ Manipulation of different viruses/bacteria, like HCV, HBV, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, Bordetella pertussis

    ▪ RNA/DNA extraction

    ▪ Purification, RT-PCR

    ▪ real time CR

    ▪ agarose gel electrophoresis

    ▪ DNA Sequencing analyses

  • Student Internship Bucharest, Romania
    January 2010 --- January 2011

    ▪ DNA extraction (mini-prep, midi-prep)

    ▪ PCR, cloning, bacterial isolation and culture

    ▪ Agarose gel electrophoresis,bacterial transformation

    ▪SDS-PAGE, protein purification (FPLC: Affinity chromatography, Ion-exchange chromatography)

    ▪ Enzyme assay

    ▪ Western blot analysis

    ▪ Preparation and identification of nucleic acids


Self Assessment :
CommunicativeAdaptabilityAttention to detailCreative thinkingFlexibilityInterest in knowledgeOptimismResponsibilityResult OrientedTrustSociabilityProactivityOrganization


Self Assessment :
Immunoassays Animal modelsFluorescence MicroscopyCell Based AssaysMolecular CloningVirologySDS-PAGE Cell biologyMolecular & Cellular Biology Biochemistry R&DBiochemistryDNA extractionDNA sequencingEnglishFlow CytometryGermanHistologyImmunocytochemistry (ICC)
LinkedIn Assessment :
Cell Culturemolecular biologyPCRWestern BlottingMolecular CloningCell biologyBiochemistryImmunohistochemistryImmunologyFluorescence MicroscopyFlow Cytometrymouse models

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Organize scientific projects (in biology)Oral presentation Interpret dataAnalyze dataBiomarker ResearchConduct research at universitieslifescienceOrganise meetings


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Immunology from Hannover Medical School in 2015
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Chemical Biology from Superior Normal School of Bucharest in 2011
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Biochemistry from Faculty of Chemistry, University of Bucharest in 2009
  • High school diploma in Natural Sciences from The "Gheorghe Lazăr" National College, Sibiu, Romania in 2006


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    Permanent position
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Munich, Germany


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