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Past Experience

  • Ph.D. Student à l'Unité de recherche sur l'Os et le Cartilage

    October 2010 --- November 2015

    osteoarthritis is a disease with high prevalence and signifi cant socio-economic impact.

    to date, osteoarthritis treatments are mainly symptomatic. joint replacement is provided for the

    severe acute forms of the disease.

    in this context, there is a real need to develop new treatments which are well tolerated and able

    to prevent or delay the progression of the disease. in this objective, we have developed new Biomaterials

    - beads and hydrogel - composed by non-animal chitosan.

    in the fi rst part of this work, we have studied In Vitro human osteoarthritic chondrocytes behavior

    embedded in chitosan-alginate beads. pro-infl ammatory, catabolic and anabolic mediators chondrocytes

    production have been quantifi ed. in the second part, we have evaluated osteoarthritis

    progression after chitosan-alginate beads intra-articular injection in anterior cruciate ligament transection

    (aclt) rabbit model.

    In Vitro, we have shown benefi cial effects of this promising new biomaterial on the Metabolism of

    human osteoarthritis chondrocytes. indeed, less infl ammatory and catabolic mediators have been

    produced while syntheses of specifi c components of the cartilage matrix were maintained.

    in rabbits with aclt induced oa, chitosan-alginate beads dispersed in a chitosan hydrogel prevented

    joint space narrowing and signifi cantly reduced the severity of histological cartilage lesions

    and synovitis.

    in conclusion, chitosan-alginate beads are a good matrix for cartilage lesions Cell therapy and

    represent an alternative to hyaluronic acid viscosupplementation.


  • Attaché de recherche. Unité de Recherche sur l’Os et le Cartilage

    February 2013 --- December 2014

  • Assistant volontaire au Département des Sciences de la Motricité

    November 2010 --- October 2012


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CommunicativeAdaptabilityAttention to detailCuriosityFlexibilityInnovative thinkingOrganizationResponsibility


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cartilagechitosanAnimal ModelsOsteoarthritischondrocyteBiomaterials
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Cell CulturescienceCell biologyPCRLifesciencesmolecular biologyELISAMicrobiologieCelluleTransfert technologiqueBiomat

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Develop protocols Technology research Write papersCollaborate with project teamConduct research at universitiesCoordinate ethics committeecoordinating research projectsDesign studyGeneral office managementInteract with pre-clinical scientistslifescienceManuscript preparation and reviewOral presentationPresent data at congress


  • Ph.D. in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences from University of Liege in 2015
  • Certificat de formation continuée en animaux de laboratoire - catégorie C FELASA in from Université de Liège in 2011
  • Master's degree in Master en sciences biomédicales à finalité approfondie en pharmacologie et toxicologie from University of Liège in 2010


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    Expert has 4 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

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Liege, Belgium


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  • Yes

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