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Angelique Van Ombergen graduated with greatest distinction as an MSc in Audiological Sciences from the University of Ghent in 2013. Since October 2013, she is pursuing a PhD in Medical Sciences at the University of Antwerp. Her topic focuses on neuroplasticity in astronauts and vestibular patients. In 2014, she was invited as an Honorary Research fellow at the Division of Brain Sciences of Imperial College London, UK, where she conducted research on the use of neuromodulation in vestibular patients. Currently, she is doing a research project involving functional neuroimaging and vestibular stimulation at the Functional NeuroImaging group, German Center for Dizziness & Vertigo at the Ludwig-Maximilian's University in Munich, Germany. Up until now, she has more than 50 contributions to (inter)national conferences and 16 (co)authored publications. Apart from her scientific work, she also engages in science communication: she writes blogs on a regular basis for Studio Brein (Breinwijzer) and her personal Neuropolis blog ( She also wrote a small text book about neuroscience for children (14-18years old) for Breinwijzer vzw. Currently, Angelique is working on a children's book on how the brain works, together with Belgian publisher Lannoo (expected beginning 2018).


Current Experience

  • Owner, Founder & Contributor
    Since October 2015 Tasks include: o Synthesise, summarise & clarify scientific papers in layman's terms by writing blog articles. o Making videos to explain more difficult neuroscientific topics o Website lay-out, maintenance and updates

  • Freelance Reporter
    Since January 2014
    Writing short/long articles on relevant neuroscientific topics for a broad audience. Tasks include: o Synthesise, summarise & clarify scientific papers in layman's terms by writing blog articles. o Attend and summarise evening talks and lectures o Revise blog articles from colleagues o Participate in Meeting of Minds for Youth (MOM4Y) program as jury member and lecturer o Writing and updating a course package on neurosciences for high school students.

  • PhD Candidate
    Since October 2013
    - PhD subject: The effect of microgravity and specific vestibular disorders on human neuroplasticity (BRAIN DTI project for the European Space Agency). - Promoters: Prof. dr. Floris Wuyts (UA) & Prof. dr. Paul Parizel (UA) - Supervisors: Prof. dr. Stefan Sunaert (KUL), Prof. dr. Paul Van de Heyning (UA) & Prof. dr. Vincent Van Rompaey (UA) - Funded by an FWO-grant (2x 2 years). Tasks include: o Performing translational research using in vivo MRI and clinical vestibular testing in astronauts, patients and healthy individuals o Accurately acquire, analyze, report and present scientific data o Critically judge, compile and interpret scientific literature; write and communicate in scientific English o Set-up and engage in international collaborations o Responsibilities within a large international project for the European Space Agency: experiment planning, (MRI) data acquisition, data analysis, writing scientific publications, reporting to (inter)national collaborators and funding agencies o Coordination, organization and spokesperson (local experiment coordinator) of several parabolic flight campaigns for our European Space Agency project in Bordeaux, France. o Aid in writing project proposals (FWO Vlaanderen, European Space Agency, BELSPO Prodex) o Supervision and management of interns & students (e.g. jury of master thesis committees, co-promoter of 7 master students); organization of lab meetings; management of lab’s website (2015-2016) o Teaching courses, guest colleges, workshops and science communication

Past Experience

  • Visiting Researcher
    January 2017 --- June 2017
    Research stay (January 2017-June 2017) at the Functional Neuroimaging Lab of the German Center for Vertigo and Balance at the LMU, under supervision of Prof. dr. Peter zu Eulenburg. Tasks included: o Performing translational research using in vivo MRI and clinical vestibular testing o Accurately acquire, analyze, report and present scientific data o Critically judge, compile and interpret scientific literature; write and communicate in scientific English o Contribute to the weekly neuro-imaging meeting o Explore, set-up and follow-up on collaborative efforts between Antwerp/Munich labs.

  • Honorary Research Associate
    October 2014 --- January 2015
    Research project as part of my PhD research at the Neuro-Otology Group, Division of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, under supervision of Prof. Adolfo Bronstein. Tasks included: o Performing translational research using neuromodulation techniques (tDCS, TMS) o Accurately acquire, analyze, report and present scientific data o Critically judge, compile and interpret scientific literature; write and communicate in scientific English o Explore, set-up and follow-up on collaborative efforts between Antwerp/London labs. o Contribute to the weekly journal club meeting

  • Employee at the Box Office
    September 2010 --- March 2012


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingCollaborationCommunicativeCoordinationCreative thinkingCritical thinkingEfficiencyFlexibilityInnovative thinkingInterest in knowledgeOptimismOrganizationProactivityProblem solvingReaction to stressResponsibilityResult OrientedSelf-confidenceStrategic thinkingTrustSociabilityKindness


LinkedIn Assessment :
VestibulologyBalanceAudiologyNeurologyscienceResearchNeuroimagingmedical scienceMRIDTIENG/VNGNeuroscienceTeachingClinical researchMicrosoft Office

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Analyze data Control data Develop clinical trial protocols Develop protocols Guide students Interact with physicians Interpret data Report data Search literature on clinical trials Write papers Write protocolsAct as the main line of communication between the sponsor and the investigatorAnalyze data/information to determine potential relationships.Archive study documentsAssist with experimentsAttend investigator meetingAttend seminarsAttend seminars, courses and meetings within and outside the companyCoachcollaborate in research projects at universitiesCollaborate with medical teamCollaborate with PI and institution to respond to any audit findings and implement-approved recommendations.Collaborate with project teamCollect dataCollect patient forms and questionnairesCommunicate with investigatorCommunicate with sponsorCommunicationConduct limited data and/or statistical analysis.Conduct literature searchesConduct research at universitiesConduct studiesConduct university research Coordinate logisticsCoordinate projectsCoordinate with the ethics commiteecoordinating research projectsCreate clinical documentsCreate study documentsCreates a collaborative team environmentData entryDesign clinical presentationDesign exclusion criteriaDesign inclusion criteriaDesign information leafletDesign protocolDesign scientific experimentsDesign studiesDesign study documentsDesign subject consent formDetermine statistical analysis Determine potential relationshipsDevelop clinical hypothesesDirect co-workersDistribute study documentsdrafting grant applicationsEnsure good clinical practice (GCP)Establish professional relationships with partnersEstimate subject complianceExecute scientific projectsFollow up projectsGuide studentsHandle incidentsInformed consent processInteract with ethics committeeInteract with physiciansInteract with pre-clinical scientistsInteract with statisticiansInterpret analytical resultsInterpret dataInterpret research resultsInterpret scientific dataLead studiesLead teamsLiaise with doctors and other professionals throughout the studyLiaise with research teamLiaise with research team in order to accurately collect and record datalifescienceMaintain strong relationshipsManage clinical trial files/documentsManage complexityManage multiple projectsManage research projectsManage subject consent formmanaging a small teamManuscript preparationManuscript preparation and reviewManuscript reviewNegotiationNetworkObtain grantsOffice managementOral presentationOrganise meetingsOrganize scientific projects (in biology)Oversee data collectionPatient recruitmentPeople managementPlan experimentsPlan work to meet objectives and deadlinesPrepare manuscriptPresent clinical resultsPresent data at congressproject managementPublication of articlesPublish scientific projectsRead medical literatureRead medical literature to maintain current awareness and knowledgeReport study conclusionsResearch at universitiesReview dataReview data interpretationReview informed consent processReview the interpretation of dataSearch literature on clinical trialsSet up research projectsSolve problemsStatistical analysisSupervise data processingSupervise PhD studentsTeach university studentsTeachingWork collaboratively with the other members of the clinical research team Work cross-functionallyWork with coordination and data management teamsWork under specific instructionsWrite documentsWrite final reportsWrite papersWritten presentation


  • Master of Audiological Sciences in Audiology/Audiologist from University of Gent in 2013
  • Bachelor's degree in Audiological Sciences from University of Gent in 2012
  • Latin - Math - Science in from Sint-Maarten Scholencampus in 2007


BrightOwl Assessment:
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Full Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    4 weeks
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Clinical Research Associate (CRA) associate Clinical Project Manager Business Consultant Clinical Director Clinical Director Europe Clinical Project Leader Clinical Project Manager (CPM) Clinical Research Consultant Clinical Research Coordinator Clinical Research Manager Clinical Trial Coordinator (CTC) Clinical Trial Manager (CTM) Clinical Trial Specialist (CTS) CTA Manager Medical Affairs Associate Medical Data Coordinator Medical Manager Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Medical Writer Postdoctoral Research Fellow Preclinical Project Manager Preclinical Research Manager Project Leader Project Manager Scientific Advisor Scientific Associate Scientific Writer Senior Clinical Project Manager (CPM) Senior Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Senior Associate Scientist Senior Project Manager (PM)
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  • Work From Home:
    Yes, 0 to 5 days per week
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
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Driving License
  • Yes