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Past Experience

  • Doctoral student
    August 2010 --- June 2017

    Doctoral Thesis development, thesis title " alkali activated cementitious material based on colombia fly ash to be used as a building and refractory material"

  • Research fellow
    August 2010 --- January 2017
    Research project: GEOCERAM (2012-2014) Research project: Hybricement (2013-2017) Research project: Puzogeoh ( 2013-2016) Research project: Fabrication of a house prototype based on low carbon foot print novel materials ( 2016- 2018)

  • PhD internship and Assistant Research
    March 2014 --- December 2014
    Research project: utilization of geopolymer concrete in solidification/ stabilization of sorbent impacted fly ash, power waste water treatment solids and other ccp's Research project: Evaluation of lunar regolith geopomymer binder as a radioactive shielding material for space applications Research project: Water Environmental Research Foundation (WERF) with CSIRO- forensic study

  • PhD internship
    October 2011 --- October 2011
    Laboratory work, design and fabrication of an alkali activated cement based on Colombian high L.O.I fly ash. Paper: Rice husk ash as a source of silica in alkali- activated fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag systems.


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Life Cycle AssessmentBuilding MaterialsGeopolymer and alkaline activation technologywaste valorizationmicrostructure techniquesCeramics materialsRefractory geopolymersustainabilityCiencias de los materialesInvestigacionMateriales


  • Doctorado en Ingenieria in Materials Engineering from Universidad del Valle (CO) in 2017
  • Ingeniera de Materiales in Geopolymers, ceramic materials from Universidad del Valle (CO) in 2010

Training and Certification

  • PhD Internship at Louisiana tech University in 2014 Training
  • PhD insternship at Centro de la construccion Eduardo Torroja in 2011 Training
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Area / Region

Bogotá - Bogota, Colombia


Driving License
  • No