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currently i am involved in finding the causative Gene defects in patients with inherited metabolic disorders based on Genetics (exome Sequencing). in order to confirm that the disease in the patient is caused by the suspected DNA defect, several functional tests in patient derived material - e.g. cells and blood, are done. i plan and perform some of the experiments, and coordinate those done by my collegues. in addition, i interpret, discuss, and report the results in scientific Publications. in my previous jobs as Research and development Technician, i have become experienced in many techniques e.g. molecular biology, Molecular Cloning, Virus production, Cell biology & Biochemistry, Immunoassays (e.g. ELISA, mesoscale, eia, ria, ripa), biacore, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, hp-sec, and affinity Chromatography. in addition, i learned to work under Good Laboratory Practice (glp) and discovered the importance of quality rules and guidelines at Pharmaceutical companies. courses: - glp - advanced glp - Communication - English in Scientific writing - Time Management - Project Management


Current Experience

  • PhD Candidate

    Since January 2011
    working on diagnosis strategies for patients suffering from inherited mitochondrial or glycosylation disorders. Working on diagnosis strategies for patients suffering from inherited mitochondrial or glycosylation disorders.

Past Experience

  • Assay development engineer

    December 2009 --- January 2011
    Assay development and Validation according to glp of ELISA, eia, and ripa tests to be used in Clinical studies of Protein therapeutics.

  • Intern for Masters degree in Molecular Life Sciences

    January 2009 --- June 2009
    investigation on methodology for immunogenicity screening in patients receiving Protein therapeutics.

  • Assay development engineer

    June 2006 --- December 2008
    development and Validation of immunogenicity and pharmacokinetic Assays needed for Clinical trials; worked according to glp guidelines.

  • Research Technician

    January 2004 --- January 2006
    year 2005- 2006: project in collaboration with the nijmegen centre of molecular Life Sciences (ncmls) and umc st radboud aim: setting up Diagnostic tool for complex i deficient human fibroblasts. year 2004 - 2005 at umc st radboud functional complementation of oxidative phosphorylation deficient fibroblasts (derived from patients suffering from mitochondrial disease) by micro Cell mediated chromosome transfer.

  • Research Technician

    January 2002 --- January 2004
    worked on In Vitro and ex-vivo stimulation of thermogenesis by several Food compounds.

  • Intern for bachelors degree

    January 2001 --- January 2002
    internship on the role of intestinal epithelial cells on the onset of mucositis due to chemotherapy.


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ELISACellAssay developmentmolecular biologyBiochemistryCell CultureWestern BlottingClinical trialsSDS-PAGEIn VitroImmunologyCell biologyScientific WritingLife SciencesImmunoassaysBiotechnologyPharmaceutical IndustryMicrobiologyClinical researchBinding AssaysMitochondriaGlycosylationImmunogenicityBaculovirusGateway cloningBiacoreExome sequencingAssay ValidationMolecular CloningGeneticsDNASequencingValidationTransfectionVirus Culture


  • Master of Applied Science in Molecular Life Science from HAN university of applied Science, The Netherlands in 2009
  • BSc in Biotechnology from Hogeschool van Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2001
  • BSc in Medical Biology from Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2000
  • Higher general secondary education in General from Caland Lyceum, HAVO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1996
  • Lower general seconary education in from Caland Lyceum, MAVO-D, Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1994
  • in from Shri Ram School (Secondary Education), Paramaribo, Surinam in 1993


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Oss, Netherlands


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  • Yes

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