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during my academic experience i have followed several Biomedical projects, developing excellent organizational skills and a strong attitude to scientific problem-solving. after the phd, i decided to find a job position in a Pharmaceutical company, that would allow me to make the most of scientific Training. as a first step to reach my Career goal, i attended a post-graduate degree in Pharmaceutical management, which provided me a framework on various business sectors and their activities. the main areas that have aroused my interest are the Pharmaceutical Marketing and medical management, but the roles that i have most affinity with are those related with the medical area, so much that i obtained the role of medical manager during pharma business game. i am a creative and adaptable person. i have a very good ability as team-player and team-builder. i have a well-developed sense of duty and i have always achieved my goals.


Past Experience

  • Department of Experimental and Clinial Biomedical Science

    January 2012 --- September 2015
    during my phd i analyzed the receptor of urokinase-plasminogen activator molecular mechanisms involved in Cancer cells migration (see oncotarget publication below). at the same time i worked on a project about the relevance of cd4 + t cells in the cross-talk with the synoviocytes in the Pathogenesis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. this experience has allowed me to improved my skills of experimental activity management and data analisys, i've enlarged my team working ability and i've assimilated many Biological methods as qualitative/Quantitative PCR, Western blot, enzimatic Assays, invasivity assay, adherence assay, proliferation and vitality assay, Cell colture (primary and tumoral) and isolation from biopsy, zymography, Immunofluorescence and Immunohistochemistry, Confocal Microscopy, time-lapse microscopy

  • Faculty of Pharmacy

    January 2010 --- December 2010
    i studied the effects of a Molecule derived from spiro(oxindol-3-3'thiazolidine) in u87mg glioblastoma cells, to verify its ability to disrupt the proliferation and Cell viability, to interfere with the p53-mdm2 complex at the intracellular level and finally, to analyze its ability in inducing apoptosis cells death.

  • University of Pisa

    April 2007 --- October 2007
    i studied neuronal differentiation induced by serum deprivation and the correlation between differentiation and ceramide intracellular level in hn9.10e. i took shots of immortalized hippocampal neuroblast in 0.2% fbs condition and after Treatment with two ceramide synthesis inhibitors (fumoninisine b1 and gw4869), using Confocal Microscopy and then i performed Cell counts on images and Statistical Analysis of results.


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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Experimental and Clinical Oncology from Università degli Studi di Firenze in 2015
  • Master degree in Pharmaceutical Management : Marketing, Market Access, Regulatory and Sales from ISTUM in 2015
  • Master's degree in Biomolecular Sciences & Technologies from Università di Pisa in 2010

Training and Certification

  • Abilitazione professionale Biologo in 0000 Certification
  • Driving licence in 0000 Certification

Area / Region

Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy


Driving License
  • No

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