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My four-year experience in clinical and basic research brought me : • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Strong interpersonal, listening and persuasive communication skills • Strong time management and organizational skills Really motivated by project and team management in R&D and Clinical Research. I am particularly interested in the identification and the development of: - innovative medicines (gene therapy, cell therapy) - novel diagnostic tools (circulating tumor cells, cell-free circulating nucleic acids) Character traits: hard-working, dynamic, optimistic, results-oriented person, and entrepreneurial spirit


Current Experience

  • PhD student
    Since October 2012
    Team of P. Marcellin U1149 directed by R. Monteiro Physiopathology and treatment of viral hepatitis - Roles of microRNA in the progression of liver fibrosis in patients infected by Hepatitis C and B viruses. - Development of a non-invasive diagnostic tool based on a blood microRNA biomarker signature in order to assess liver fibrosis.

Past Experience

  • Trainee
    January 2012 --- June 2012
    Team of Pr. M. Cavazzana-Calvo U768 directed by Pr. A. Fischer Therapeutics of Immunodeficiencies Characterization of human lymphoid progenitors and development of new therapeutic strategies for treatment of immunodeficiencies

  • Trainee
    May 2011 --- July 2011
    Team of Pr. Guy Tran Van Nhieu CNRS/ UMR 7241 - INSERM U1050 directed by Pr. Alain Prochiantz Intercellular Communication and Microbial Infections Analysis of the interaction between the Spa47 ATPase and IpaC, a compound of the type III secretion translocator essential for the virulence of Shigella, the causative agent of bacillary dysentery

  • Trainee
    June 2010 --- July 2010
    Team of Pr A.-H. Monsoro-Burq UMR3347 CNRS & U1021 INSERM directed by Pr S. Saule Signalling and development of neural crest Analysis of a protein involved in DNA repair, DNA-PK, and its response to a small-molecule drugs mimicking DNA damages (Dbait, provided by DNA Therapeutics, in vivo during the development of Xenopus laevis.

  • Trainee
    April 2010 --- June 2010
    Team directed by Pr. S. Sommer UMR8621 directed by J.-P. Rousset Radioresistance and Mutagenesis in Deinococcaceae Study of the implication of ddrN, ddrM, ddrO genes in DNA repair in Deinococcus radiodurans.


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  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biotherapies, Molecular Biology and Infectiology from Ecole doctorale 394: Physiologie et physiopathologie in 2015
  • Magistère de Biologie et Biotechnologie in Research and Biotechnology Industry from ENS Cachan / Université Paris Sud (Paris XI) in 2012
  • Master 2 in International Master of BioMedical Engineering: Molecular & Cellular Biotherapies from Université Paris Descartes (Paris V) / ParisTech in 2012
  • Master 1 in Biotechnology from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011
  • Licence in Biologie from Université Paris Sud (Paris XI) in 2010
  • in Online Lectures from Coursera in 0

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Driving License
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