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+ expertise in development, Characterization, lyophilization and stability Testing of Protein/vaccine Formulations.

+ sound knowledge of screening of various excipients for Formulation development of liquid and semi-solid dosage forms

+ preformulation studies

+ development and Validation of Analytical methods (as per ICH guidelines)

+ good knowledge of writing and reviewing SOP's; ich, cGMP guidelines, and qbd principles

+ in depth knowledge of preparation and optimization of different nanocarriers like liposomes, slns, and polymeric Nanoparticles.

+ basic knowledge of In Vitro Cell Culture experiments and ELISA Analysis.

+ worked on the delivery of Proteins/Vaccines through nasal route.

+ an experience of Drug Delivery through dermal route and aspects need to be considered for topical delivery.

+ well versed with the principle and Applications of various instruments like multi-mode microplate reader, HPLC, zetasizer nano zs, circular dichroism, freeze dryer, probe sonicator, ftir spectrophotometer, high-pressure homogenizer, quantachrome nova 4000e surface area analyzer, rheometer, hot stage Microscopy, vapometer, texture analyzer etc.

1 indian application

1 Research article

3 conference presentions

daad and niper scholarship awards


Past Experience

  • PhD student Berlin, Germany

    October 2012 --- July 2016

    i worked on a project entitled "mucoadhesive nanocarriers for nasal delivery of Vaccines". in this work, i had formulated and optimized model Protein (bsa) loaded mucoadhesive polymeric Nanoparticles which also acts as an immune adjuvant. the prepared Nanoparticles were characterized using various techniques like zetasizer, ftir Spectroscopy while the in process stability of encapsulated Protein was confirmed using SDS-PAGE and circular dichroism Spectroscopy. the In Vitro and In Vivo performance was evaluated by encapsulating tetanus toxoid into nanocarriers. furthermore, detailed In Vivo immunization study was performed to understand the mechanism of immune modulation by developed mucoadhesive nanocarriers using various studies including Fluorescence-activated Cell sorting (facs).

  • Senior Executive, Regulatory Affairs

    July 2011 --- March 2012
    worked in the department of Regulatory Affairs. key responsibilities includes: ▪ preparation and review of dossiers. ▪ maintenance of track records of Research and Quality Control, Quality Assurance documents related to insulin glargine product. ▪ preparation and maintenance of document list required for dossier filing in emerging markets.


Self Assessment :
AdaptabilityAnalytical thinkingAttention to detailCollaborationCommunicativeCompetitivenessCuriosityEfficiencyFlexibilityInnovative thinkingIndividualityOptimismProblem solvingReaction to stressResponsibilitySelf-disciplineSociabilityTrustWillingness to compromise


LinkedIn Assessment :
Drug DeliveryRegulatory affairsFormulationPharmaceuticsHPLCPharmaceutical ResearchPharmacokineticsChromatographyIn VitroBiotechnologyDrug DiscoveryGLPPharmaceutical IndustryIn vivo animal studiesVaccine DeliveryProteins and peptides deliveryNanoparticlespreformulationNDDS

Skills and Expertise

Self Assessment :
Analytical skills Create SOPs Interpret data Technology research Write papersAnalyze proteinAseptic techniquesCell culturecollaborate in research projects at universitiesCommunicationConduct literature searchesConduct research at universitiesDesign scientific experimentsDesign studyEvaluate stability data Interpret research resultsInterpret analytical resultslifescienceManuscript preparation and reviewOral presentationPlan experimentsR&DReview dataSolid state development Statistical analysisUse laboratory techniques


  • Doctor rer. nat. (PhD) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Freie Universität Berlin in 2016
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in 2011
  • B. pharmacy in Pharmaceutics from College of Pharmacy, Nashik in 2009
  • 12th & F.Y. B. Sc. in Microbiology from K.T.H.M College in 2005

Training and Certification

  • Basic Course on Animal Welfare and Laboratory Animal Science (Module I) in 0000 Certification


BrightOwl Assessment:
Self Assessment:
Full Proficiency
Elementary Proficiency
Full Proficiency

Work Preferences

  • Notice Period:
    2 weeks
  • Positions I am interested in:
    Formulation scientist Laboratory Technologist Post-doctoral Fellow Postdoctoral Research Fellow QA Officer R&D Scientist Scientific Officer Scientific Researcher Scientist
  • Work From Home:
  • Work Regime:
    Permanent position :    100% FTE
  • International:


    Expert has 1 publications (Will be avalible with full profile)

Area / Region

Berlin, Germany


Driving License
  • No

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