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+ Business and client orientated, I like working in a scientific environment, which includes learning and development opportunities. Currently, this environment enables me to apply my scientific and management competences in the drug-market -access matter. + Over the years I have acquired an expertise in general pharmacology related to diabetes and metabolic diseases, oncology and hematology, with a special focus in bacterial infectious diseases: Set up for a team of a new research pathway within the field of anti-infective pharmacology. This provided answers with innovative in-vitro cellular models upcoming questions related to potential effects of transporters on antibiotics: (i) Cellular pharmacokinetics parameters. (ii) Pharmacodynamic profile towards intracellular infection. (iii) Toxicodynamic potential on bacteria-infected cells. + Self-motivated team player, focused and quick learner with a good oral and written communication ability. + Solid experience in (bio)analytical development and validation methods for both small molecules and proteins. + Demonstrated technical and problem-solving skills with a significant of scientific accomplishments: 7 published papers on peer-reviewed journals and 12 communications. Prix de la Fondation Belge de la Vocation (F.B.V), fellowship ISAP (International Society of Applied Pharmacology) to attend Toronto ICCAC . Specialties: Transporters (influx/efflux) and drug drug interactions (DDIs). Characterisation of preclinical ADMET drugs properties. Antibiotics, intracellular infections, Expertise in culturing cellular processes Pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic,toxicodynamic Drugs transporters mediated resistance mechanisms


Current Experience

  • Expert for the Belgian Medicine Reimbursement Committee at National Institute for Health& Disability
    Since January 2011
    Evaluator in drug-market access (reimbursement procedure) for the "Commission de Remboursement des Médicaments" with a focus in diabetes, metabolic diseases, oncology, hematology and infectious diseases and special interest in HTA (Health Technology Assessment).

Past Experience

  • Project and team management in Biotechnology (FOREM Biotechnology training center, GIGA, Liège)
    September 2010 --- December 2010

  • Conception and redaction of a business plan to set-up a firm related to health products & allergy
    January 2008 --- January 2010

  • Researcher Pharmacist - Project Manager in anti-infective pharmacology
    January 2000 --- January 2007
    Plan, conduct & supervise a project in a small research team :Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology unit (FACM), UCL. Prof. Tulkens.  Assessment of drug transporters effects on pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and toxicodynamic properties of anti-infective drugs belonging to several antibiotic families.  Characterisation of drugs properties either in preclinical or clinical development.  Inclusion in project management boards to support R&D and preclinical efforts for pharmaceutical companies (Lilly, Bayer).  Experience of education and formation: • Teaching in normal & special pharmacology. • Tutor and train technicians, undergraduate students and graduate researchers. • Workshops design, presentation and animation for post-university pharmacists.  Analysis of results, writing of projects and research reports ( 5 peer-reviewed papers and 8 communications).

  • Junior research investigator
    January 1998 --- January 2000
     Provide leadership and strategic vision for the set up of a new research activity in anti-infective pharmacology: • Project initiation and implementation.  Redaction and submission of a research project for granting processes: • Bayer (100.Keuros) and UCL (100.Keuros). • Writing of 1 peer-reviewed paper & 4 communications .


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  • Training in biotechnology project and team management (GIGA Biotechnology training center, Liège). in from Université de Liège in 2011
  • Special degree in business management in Economie Sociale from Université libre de Bruxelles in 2009
  • PhD - Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology - GD - in Infectiology - PK/PD/TD - Development and validation of bacteria-(un)infected in-vitro models from Université catholique de Louvain in 2007
  • Complementary Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences - GD - in Pharmacology, Infectiology, eukaryotic in-vitro models from Université catholique de Louvain in 2000
  • PharmD in Epreuves du grade de Pharmacien - D - from Université catholique de Louvain in 1997


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Area / Region

Walhain-Saint-Paul, Walhain, Belgium


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  • Yes