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Current Experience

  • Stand-in Teacher (Part of the doctoral studies)
    Since September 2014
    Providing tutorials for studients in faculties of Science, Dentistry and Medicine.

  • Early-stage researcher - PhD candidate
    Since December 2012
    Role of Myoferlin in tumor progression

Past Experience

  • Team Leader, Pharmacovigilance departement (QPPV), Trainer
    July 2012 --- November 2012
    Team Leader in Pharmacovigilance Department (QPPV): Creation of the Pharmacovigilance department Organization of Pharmacovigilance trainings in collaboration with the Egyptian ministry of health Pharmacovigilance training Establishment of Pharmacovigilance out sourcing market strategy BIMAG Solution Middle East: Pharmaceutical Consultancy and Out Sourcing

  • Pharmacist
    February 2012 --- April 2012
    Managing: pharmacists, assistants, cash desk, security personnel, drug delivery and inventory management

  • Reseach Assistant
    September 2011 --- January 2012
    Research project: Modulation of endogenous Spinal Cord Stem Cells’ destiny after lesion via injection of extra-genetics molecules directly into the lesion site

  • Research and Tutoring Duties
    September 2010 --- August 2011

    Research project : Identification and characterization of the Adult Spinal cord Stem Cell and understanding of sphere behavior.

  • Teaching Assistant
    July 2006 --- August 2007
    Teaching Microbiology at faculties of pharmacy and dentistry Teaching of the following courses: Introduction to Microbiology and Medical Microbiology Responsibilities: Teaching theoretical and practical course, lecture preparation, office hours, exams preparation and correction

  • Pharmacist (Shift Manager)
    July 2006 --- August 2007
    Managing: pharmacists, assistants, cash desk, security personnel, drug delivery and inventory management


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  • Master in Genetics, Developement and Immunity in Genetics from Faculty of Sciences, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis in 2010
  • Master in Biotechnology and Therapeutic Innovation in Biotechnology from Faculty of Pharmacy, Strasbourg University in 2009
  • Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences in general from Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo Univeristy in 2006


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Liège, Belgium


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